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Engage to Excel: 15Five’s Employee Engagement Playbook

The current moment demands adaptability and resilience—and investing in improving employee engagement is a strategic imperative. Engaged employees are your most valuable asset—they’re innovative, loyal, and committed to achieving exceptional results. By fostering a culture of engagement, you’ll unleash their full potential and create a competitive advantage that sets your organization apart.

If you’ve been overlooking the power of employee engagement, it’s time to brace yourself for a paradigm shift. This isn’t just about creating a happy workplace; it’s about achieving tangible, bottom-line results that will make your fellow executives sit up and take notice. In this dynamic playbook, we tackle the pressing question: “Why should I care about employee engagement, and why should other executives, like the CFO, care?”

In this playbook, we not only explore the undeniable benefits of employee engagement but also dive deep into how to measure it and provide you with actionable strategies to transform engagement insights into measurable outcomes.

What’s Inside:

  • The definition of employee engagement
  • The difference between satisfaction and engagement
  • Why employee engagement matters
  • The benefits of improving employee engagement
  • How to measure employee engagement
  • How to act upon engagement survey data
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