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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: Business Edition

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‘Twas two days before Christmas

when all through the virtual workspace,

managers focus on their business

and can not meet face to face.

Q1 goals are laid out for employees to share

in the hope that more revenue soon would be there.

Employees furiously typing, get out the lead,

while visions of bonus checks dance in their heads.

I stare at the screen at my standing desk

Desiring acknowledgement for 12 months of doing my best.

Then from my browser there arose such a ping,

I race to my inbox to see that new thing.

I click the Gmail window and my primary folder,

and change my sorting to newest from older.

And there in my inbox is a note from 15Five,

my report was reviewed and my heart comes alive!

My manager had read my feedback for the week,

I log-in with a flash to take a quick peek.

More rapid than eagles, the feedback it came

from managers who care and know me by name:

“Now David,

Your ideas, goals and accomplishments I see.

The challenges you mention we’ll work through with ease.

In a matter of minutes (far less time than a call),

I have reviewed and responded to one and to all!”

And then, in a twinkling, the feedback I read.

Not letting the accolades go to my head.

I had done a great job and all now could see,

that my work is paying-off beautifully.

My challenges were quite a different affair,

and now management knows I’d been pulling my hair.

They stepped in with support and offered advice

because past accomplishments never suffice.

I scrolled to the question at the end of the page,

designed to keep all employees engaged:

“What ideas have been dancing inside your head?”

My answers inspired a long comment thread.

The two that I offered were so quality,

they were passed-up the ladder for others to see.

A conversation ensued right then and there

to prevent those thoughts from getting lost in thin air.

Now I feel heard, seen, and respected,

my productivity is positively affected.

Trust and transparency flow through the team,

and smiles at the office constantly beam.

For business-success communication is key,

take it from this fully supported employee.

Time to close my laptop, they’re boarding my flight…

Happy Holidays to all and to all a goodnight!

David Mizne, is Content Manager at 15Five, where he reports on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to employee engagement, and is never naughty. Every so often he dabbles in poetry. Follow him @davidmizne.

Image CreditRoy Hughes