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6 15Five Integrations That Will Improve Your Company’s Workflow

Baili Bigham
Baili Bigham

As we continue navigating the shift to the new normal and our margin for error shrinks, workplace inefficiencies are becoming more evident and especially damaging. When inefficiencies aren’t caught in time and corrected, even small disruptions, like toggling in and out of apps can add up to massive amounts of productivity loss. 

15Five has integrations with several platforms to help your workforce stay in flow and continue doing their best work each and every day.

1. Workday

For HR leaders who lean on Workday to streamline their processes and keep teams aligned, 15Five removes the headache of data transfers by offering a secure SFTP integration.

15Five’s integration with Workday allows admins to seamlessly synchronize employee data from Workday directly with 15Five. Once the integration is enabled in both systems, admins no longer need IT support for basic tasks, such as user provisioning, deprovisioning, or making updates to employee data across systems. 

2. Slack

When an employee is in a deep workflow, jumping between too many apps is a surefire way to break focus. Now teams that are already collaborating in Slack can use it to perform key 15Five actions, like giving High Fives and requesting personalized feedback.

This integration helps leaders and managers seamlessly manage 15Five action items, receive notifications, and add items to 1-on-1 agendas. Learn about everything you can do with Slack and 15Five here

3. MS teams

If you’re already using Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) for chat, meetings, calls, and collaboration, why not use it for real-time recognition too?  With this integration, MS Teams users can send and receive recognition to anyone in their company and access the High Five feed directly in their MS Teams dashboard.

4. Jira Cloud

Many engineering, product, and IT teams today use Jira Cloud to plan, track, and release great software. But too often, these technical teams are forced to duplicate work by locating the status of a Jira ticket and then doing the same to update OKR progress in 15Five. Now, 15Five and Jira Cloud work together so when a task is updated on one platform, it automatically updates in the other. That way, no time is wasted updating progress and more time is spent making progress. Learn more about the capabilities you have with 15Five and Jira Cloud here.

5. Salesforce

Similar to Jira, Salesforce users no longer have to go through the dreaded task of manually updating OKRs in 15Five to keep up with company-wide progress. Our integration with Salesforce allows you to link SFDC reports to any key result and ensure changes in one place are automatically captured in both platforms–removing the need for duplicated efforts.

6. Okta

Equipping your employees with the software they need to do their jobs efficiently is crucial. But when it’s a struggle to log into those apps quickly, productivity takes a hit. With our Okta integration, 15Five users can use single sign-on and admins can deactivate and add new users, update select fields in a users’ profile, and push groups to 15Five. Learn more about these features and the steps for logging into 15Five each week here.

Baili Bigham is the Content Manager at 15Five, continuous performance management software that includes weekly check-ins, OKR tracking, peer recognition, 1-on-1s, and 360° reviews. When Baili isn’t writing, you can find her binge-reading a new book or strategizing ways to pet every dog in San Francisco. 

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