About 15Five

Supporting people in living extraordinary lives, both in and outside the office

Our Mission:

To create highly-engaged, high performing organizations by helping people become their best selves.

Our Vision:

Unlock the potential of every member of the global workforce.

Our Story:

15Five originated from founder David Hassell and his deep desire to help people reach their fullest potential at work.

During David’s early days as an entrepreneur, he was introduced to a practice called “15/5,” where employees were encouraged to spend 15 minutes writing a report that took a manager no more than five minutes to review. This practice highlighted critical information and avoided the common trend of bad news traveling slowly.

David recognized the potential value of this practice for high-performing teams or companies.

Inspired by this method, David created a strategic solution that would allow these 15-minute reports to be turned into the most productive conversation of a workweek.

Today 15Five is a leading people management solution dedicated to creating highly engaged and passionately fulfilled workforces. Our evidence-based solution works to deepen the connection between employees, managers, and peers by empowering transparency, meaningful conversations, and effective feedback.

Each of 15Five’s strategically designed features offers a holistic and continuous approach to your people management strategy. With OKRs that align everyone around top priorities, weekly check-ins that take the pulse of team morale, 1-on-1s that remove roadblocks, High Fives that recognize success, and our trademark Best-Self Review that supports employees on their journey; we use proven development methods to drive businesses forward.

Our Core Values:

What we collectively hold most dear, not only to increase engagement and performance, but to honor our best selves and our lofty mission

Be and become your best self

Life is a journey of continuous growth, marked by a handful of moments of transformation when we become something different and more powerful than before. Work should be a place that encourages and facilitates these continuous breakthroughs.

Do the extraordinary

An unparalleled feeling of deep satisfaction emerges when we have truly done something beyond the ordinary. At 15Five, these are not rare moments of grace but an abiding experience that results from a carefully crafted environment that fosters and celebrates excellence.

Cultivate relational mastery

Our culture is built on a foundation of trust, transparency, and delivering truth with kindness. This means a commitment to proactively set agreements and hold each other accountable, instead of making assumptions that lead to relational friction. 

Transformational Services

Create customer transformation

This is why we exist, the natural outcome of the other three values working together. Our ethos, passion, and dedication enable us to consistently reach new heights so that we can be trusted partners in organizational transformation for the companies we serve.

Our leadership team:

Our leaders boldly drive our mission forward and emulate what it means to support everyone who works at 15Five in living great lives, not just doing great work.

From left to right
Top: Stacey Hurst, Chief of Staff; Heidi Collins, VP of People Ops; Jon Greenawalt, CPO; Dianne Frommelt, VP of Product Management; Holly Kennedy, VP of Design;
Bottom: David Hassell, CEO; Nazar Ivaniv, CTO; Shane Metcalf, CCO; Brad McGinity, CRO

15Five’s award-winning culture

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