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Surface problems, celebrate wins, discover great ideas
and stay tuned in to morale.

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The Golden Rule Behind

15Five is based on a simple idea. Have each employee spend 15 minutes a week writing a report that takes their manager no more than 5 minutes to read. We've taken that idea to the next level by turning reports into conversations, and making it simple for managers to roll up the most important problems, insights, ideas and success stories.

How it Works

15Five is simple and easy to use

Employees Write Reports

Each week, each employee
completes a report that takes no
more than 15 minutes to write, and
no more than 5 minutes for their
manager to read. Reports include
updates on successes, challenges,
ideas and morale.

Managers Review & Pass
Up The Important Stuff

Managers and executives review
their employee's feedback, engage in
conversations, and pass up important
points via their own reports.

You Stay Informed
With Zero Effort

You are presented with reports
from management which include all
the most important highlights rolled
up from throughout the company.


All members of your organization will benefit from 15Five

  • Employees Feel Heard

    Employees feel heard and are more engaged.
    They have the opportunity to contribute
    based on their unique skills, abilities and

  • You Stay Informed

    You get a weekly snapshot of your
    team with zero effort.

  • Managers Save Time

    Managers save an enormous amount of time
    gathering and escalating feedback from their

  • Entire Company Stays in The Loop

    Everyone stays in the loop with what's most
    important. Conversations about important
    issues are kept out of email where they
    might otherwise be lost.

What People Are Saying

See how 15Five has helped businesses

  • "15Five allowed me to retire earlier than I expected. I was missing a way to effectively keep my finger on the pulse of my business. Not only that, but my whole leadership team instantly became better managers."

    Brenton Hayden,
    CEO Renters Warehouse

    "15Five is the best product for managing a team of employees I have ever seen. Nothing else even comes close."

    Christopher Grey,

    "It's more than just a reporting tool. It's a happiness tool."

    Noel Ledesma
  • "15five identifies and resolves cross-team issues, stimulates design discussions, fleshes out inefficiencies and averts mistakes. It illuminates individual achievement and brings forth many good ideas."

    Eric Raab,

    "The service has been incredibly eye opening for me. It gives everyone a voice and me the opportunity to be a better listener and take immediate action to improve morale and productivity."

    Mike Wylie,
    Standing Dog Interactive

    "15five has been instrumental in making sure we're working on the right things and uncovering problems before they become large. It's a must use tool for growing your company."

    Eric Siu,
    Single Grain

Some of the great companies using 15Five

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JustFab Path Startup Weekend Shoretel Quirky TaskRabbit
Zirtual Airpush Retargeter Choicelunch Chromedia
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Know the pulse of your company