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Customer Stories
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TrustRadius: How Using 15Five Decreased Employee Turnover by 88%

Claire Beveridge

TrustRadius provides businesses with the information they need to choose the right software solution.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Austin, TX, the company is responsible for over 130 employees.

The challenge

Jamy Conrad, an HR leader with over 15 years of experience, joined the TrustRadius team as VP of People and HR after a successful career in the healthcare sector.

When she joined TrustRadius, employee turnover was 40% — a number that Jamy needed to reduce quickly.

She made it her goal to increase employee engagement by improving manager effectiveness.

“There’s so many different aspects of being a manager that it’s hard to know where to start. So what are some of those things that we can arm our managers with so that they feel empowered and they’re able to take their management style and their leadership to the next level?”

To help, she onboarded 15Five to equip managers with the tools they need to effectively lead teams, drive high levels of employee engagement, and actively reduce turnover.

“15Five is a flywheel. You build momentum because you get an outcome, which creates an action, and then the energy just builds and builds.”

The approach: The HR Outcomes flywheel

Proving the impact of HR programs on business outcomes is imperative to creating successful organizational change.

Jamy emphasizes the importance of arming managers with the tools and resources to enhance their leadership skills and drive employee engagement. 

This is where the 15Five HR Outcomes Flywheel can help. 

Outcomes: creating a trustworthy measure of engagement and manager effectiveness.

The first step in improving employee engagement and manager effectiveness is measuring it. 

HR Outcomes Dashboard

TrustRadius uses the HR Outcomes Dashboard to monitor performance, engagement, retention, and manager effectiveness. This helps the company identify trends, make informed business decisions backed by data, and strategically ensure that HR programs influence business outcomes.

Signals: Gathering data and measuring progress

In order to have real-time data around their most pressing outcomes, TrustRadius leveraged 15Five’s suite of performance management tools, including: 

Regular weekly check-ins

Jamy empowered management teams to create meaningful conversations with direct reports by providing a structured communication platform for weekly check-ins. This ensured better goal alignment, improved feedback, and deeper, more authentic connections.


Allowing managers to conduct regular one-on ones helped develop employee growth, ensured effective communication channels, encouraged open dialogue, and allowed time to problem-solve.

Manager Effectiveness Indicator

TrustRadius measures a manager’s effectiveness using the Manager Effectiveness Indicator – a tool that balances objective behaviors with survey and performance review data to give a quantifiable measure of a manager 


What sets 15Five apart is its commitment to leveraging data and science to drive decisions that positively impact individual employees. Jamy appreciates the platform’s approach to prioritizing the human aspect of HR rather than solely focusing on metrics and statistics.

Because 15Five empowers HR leaders to make data-based decisions, they understand not only what will have the greatest impact on business objectives but also on individual employees.

Recommendations and Actions

The People and HR team at TrustRadius used the measurements, insights, and recommendations from 15Five to take action – implementing changes that empowered mid-level managers to drive engagement through better 1-on-1 conversations, increased transparency, and focusing on key engagement metrics.

Improving leadership effectiveness leads to impressive improvement in employee engagement, with 63% of managers seeing increased employee engagement.

Engagement is a key driver of turnover, so when they took a look at their retention rates they saw massive improvements.

Once grappling with turnover rates of 40%, improving manager effectiveness reduced employee turnover to 5%.

This monumental achievement translates to significant cost savings and reflects a cultural shift within the organization that has helped improve company culture.

“It really feels empowering to managers when they feel like they’ve been able to build some momentum with their employees, and they don’t have to worry about it ending so quickly. And it’s with the help of the amazing team at 15Five that help me to be successful and help our organization be successful.”


The collaboration between 15Five and TrustRadius is a testament to the power of strategic HR initiatives and innovative performance management tools in driving positive organizational outcomes. 

By prioritizing employee engagement and investing in manager development, TrustRadius has transformed its workplace culture and set a new standard for excellence in talent retention and development.

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