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Introducing 15Five Compensation: Connecting Pay and Performance to Retain Top Talent

Logan Hendrickson
Logan Hendrickson

At 15Five, we understand the critical importance of aligning compensation with performance to drive organizational success. According to Gallup, pay/benefits remains the top motivator for job changes. You can’t separate pay from engagement, retention, or performance. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of 15Five Compensation powered by Comprehensive, our all-in-one solution designed to bring the best compensation management directly within 15Five’s system of action.

This announcement comes on the heels of a significant 2023 for 15Five, during which we released the HR Outcomes Dashboard, Spark AI, and partnered with Transform Luminaries such as Dr. Beverly Kaye, Marshall Goldsmith, Michael Roberto, and others to establish Transform as the leading manager training and coaching solution in the market.

The gap between performance and compensation is costing your business.

For CHROs, HR leaders, and managers, managing compensation can be a frustrating, time-consuming task that comes with plenty of challenges. HR leaders want to get out of spreadsheets, but they can’t afford to lose the flexibility that spreadsheets provide. On top of that, they need an easy way to connect their compensation management practice to their performance management – something most HRIS or performance solutions make difficult.

When these aren’t seamlessly connected, it becomes too easy for compensation challenges to affect core HR outcomes such as engagement, retention, or performance. Imagine not being able to use engagement and performance data to fairly and equitably compensate your top performers. Why wouldn’t they leave for higher pay?

How to bridge the gap:

Unified Compensation Reviews

Run compensation review cycles leveraging 15Five performance data to make informed compensation decisions that reward strong performance and retain top talent.

Real-time Benchmarking

Gain a competitive edge by accessing real-time compensation data from over 5,000 companies. Stay ahead of industry trends and ensure your compensation strategy remains competitive.

Employee Total Rewards Dashboard

Educate employees about the full value of their compensation package, including equity and benefits. Foster trust and engagement by providing a transparent, holistic picture of their overall rewards.

Pay Ranges Management

Simplify the storage, editing, and sharing of pay bands from a single, reliable source-of-truth. See how employees compare against your pay bands to ensure consistency and fairness in compensation across your organization.

Learn more about 15Five Compensation features and benefits.

Benefits of Choosing 15Five Compensation:


Save time and eliminate errors in your compensation reviews and award letters with our streamlined process, powered by integrations with your HRIS.


Foster trust and alignment with transparent compensation decisions.


Ensure fairness and promote engagement with unbiased compensation practices.

Elevate Your Compensation Management Strategy:

Choose 15Five Compensation powered by Comprehensive for a smarter, more transparent, and equitable approach to recognizing and rewarding your team. With our platform, you can drive employee performance, engagement, and retention while staying ahead of industry trends and maintaining control over your compensation strategy.

Don’t let outdated compensation practices hold your organization back. Upgrade to 15Five Compensation powered by Comprehensive and unlock the full potential of your performance and compensation management processes. Schedule a demo today to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

P.S. to learn more about 15Five Compensation join us for our webinar on 3/14: Compensation Chaos: Untangling the Messy Relationship Between Pay and Performance