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15Five Wins 2024 HR Tech Award for Best Midsize Business-Focused Solution 


For the second consecutive year, 15Five has been named a winner of Lighthouse Research and Advisory’s HR Tech Awards in the Talent Management category as a Best Midsize Business-Focused Solution. The 2024 recognition includes a special emphasis on how organizations have benefitted from 15Five’s HR Outcomes Flywheel approach, our guiding philosophy that enables strategic HR by connecting its impact to the business through higher employee performance, retention, and engagement.

Each year the HR Tech Awards program looks at some of the world’s best and brightest companies across HR, talent acquisition, people analytics and more. Nominees undergo a rigorous vetting process that ultimately aims to help buyers understand the strengths of HR tech firms like 15Five. The Talent Management category recognized solutions focused on performance, OKRs, succession, engagement, diversity, career planning and other relevant technologies. The Best Midsize Business-Focused Solution category highlighted the judge’s top solutions that target the unique needs of mid-sized businesses (200-2,000+ employees).

Our award-winning performance management platform supports HR teams across five key phases of the HR Outcomes Flywheel:

  • Outcomes: It all starts with Outcomes, because HR professionals are now expected to act as strategic partners to the c-suite and align HR initiatives with the broader objectives of the business. 15Five’s latest platform evolution gives HR leaders clear measures of performance, engagement and retention via the HR Outcomes Dashboard.
  • Signals and Insights: To progress toward desired outcomes, HR must go beyond just measurement and identify the areas of opportunity. 15Five surfaces these signals and insights by aggregating employee and manager actions and critical data points spanning engagement, performance and retention. Combined with generative AI, the 15Five platform can point HR leaders to the areas of highest leverage.
  • Recommendations: 15Five takes this a step further by generating tailored, specific recommendations to the HR leader to improve the outcomes that matter most to the business. HR leaders can then refine this list of recommendations into a cohesive action plan.
  • Actions: Finally, scaling HR initiatives across the organization is where true transformation happens. Managers are the catalysts for change, empowered with resources and training that enhance their effectiveness. 15Five enables this final, critical step of the HR Outcomes Flywheel with actions that HR leaders can deploy across their management team, delivering both value to the manager and their personal growth along with accountability and improvement.

Of the award nods, Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory, said, “In a world where talent management is more than just a metric, 15Five rises above, empowering HR leaders to ignite an authentic culture of growth and purpose where employees thrive, turnover fades, engagement soars and managers become the beacons of inspiration they were meant to be. Early adopter customers have seen impressive results within just 30 days of implementing the Flywheel, with one key being that 74% of managers improved one or more manager effectiveness competencies.”

We should add, we were especially excited to hear both Ben and a member of the judging panel acknowledge 15Five during the winner’s LinkedIn Live announcement held May 1 as a company that really stood out to them. We know this is a competitive award, and to stand out from the pack is something we’re incredibly proud of, and we don’t take it lightly. 

In just the last year at 15Five, we’ve redefined how HR leaders demonstrate their impact to the c-suite with the launch of our HR Outcomes Dashboard. Then we pushed the performance management category even further by introducing the HR Outcomes Flywheel and Spark AI, giving HR leaders an AI-powered system of action to continuously improve employee engagement, performance and retention. Most recently, we launched AI-Assisted Reviews, making performance reviews more robust, streamlined and fair for everyone. 

And there’s so much more to come as we look to help HR leaders address the very real pain points of grappling with isolated data and lacking real-time guidance, hindering their ability to make informed decisions that positively impact team dynamics and company-wide objectives.