Make the most of your one on one meetings with feedback tools

1-on-1s meeting agenda software allows managers to turn employee feedback into swift action. While reviewing an employee’s 15Five, managers can quickly add responses to the upcoming 1-on-1 agenda, making their face-time more effective and focused on solutions.

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making the most of 15Five one on one meeting software

Focus on what matters most

Coach employees through their most pressing challenges and improve performance in real-time, by easily creating action items based on what you discuss during each one on one meeting. Turn employee feedback sessions into initiatives that promote a positive organizational culture.

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15Five one on one meeting software to focus on what matters the most on

All of your employee feedback notes in one place

Provide coaching notes for employees to look back on when they encounter similar workplace challenges in the future. Record your own thoughts in the private notes section to refer back to when evaluating employee performance throughout the year.

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15Five one on one meeting software keep your notes in one place

“15Five has really opened up the lines of communication between our team members in a fun, engaging way. The reports save us valuable time by reducing the number of meetings needed!”

Tia Kelly | Customer Success Manager Unbounce Watch the video

Why Do One on Ones at All?

15Five’s meeting agenda software allows you to enhance and streamline your one on one meetings and record the most important learnings all in one place, but why do them in the first place?  Employees are 3x more likely to be engaged at work if they have managers who hold regular meetings with them. This vital element of your management strategy helps you build relationships with employees, provide coaching and mentorship, and re-align everyone with team and company goals. Learn more…

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