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Focus on Coaching Outcomes With 15Five’s Coaching Hub


At 15Five, we believe that transformation is critical to success. We’re all growing and changing, both as individuals and organizations in a dynamic market. During times of high growth and change, investing in manager development is key to building strong, high-performing teams.

Our blended learning solution Transform is designed to drive business results through skills-based manager coaching. But in order for coaching to actually be effective, people need to actually show up, and making that happen can be a challenge.

That’s why we’re launching Coaching Hub, our new experience for HR leaders and managers to see, assign, schedule, and track 15Five coaching sessions.

How it works

With Coaching Hub, HR Leaders can efficiently execute transformation at scale without having to undertake the herculean coordination and planning effort that doing so typically requires. The experience is available inside 15Five for both HR leaders managing and tracking usage of purchased coaching sessions, and end users participating in those coaching sessions. Here’s a little more information on how it works.

For HR leaders

HR Leaders can access Coaching Hub directly from the 15Five platform. The Activity section will show the status of coaching sessions and their current coaching subscriptions. From there, leaders can track the coaching sessions their organization has purchased, and how many of those sessions have been redeemed. They can assign which leaders in the organization should participate in coaching sessions, and they can follow the status of coaching sessions (assigned, scheduled, completed) across the organization.

For coaching participants

First, participants receive an email announcing that they’ve been added to participate in coaching and prompting them to schedule their session. From there, they can go to their coaching dashboard to see the sessions that they are assigned to, have scheduled, or have completed. When they’re ready to schedule, they are able to view the coach’s availability and select the time that works best for them. After their coaching session, participants receive an email notification that their coach has left them a follow-up note. They can review notes from past sessions at any time in their personal coaching dashboard. Like HR Leaders, participants can access Coaching Hub at any time through the 15Five platform.

Why use Coaching Hub?

Coaching Hub exists to remove barriers that make it difficult for coaching to happen smoothly and impactfully. 

First, it saves time for HR leaders. Keeping track of all the sessions purchased, managing and coordinating the schedules of multiple people, ensuring that the sessions actually take place, and overseeing the follow-up can take a lot of time. With Coaching Hub, HR leaders can spend less time chasing people and schedules, and more time focusing on coaching outcomes. 

Second, it increases adoption throughout the organization. If you’re investing in a coaching program, you want to be sure that it is actually being used. With Coaching Hub, the platform does all the legwork of managing action items before, during, and after coaching sessions. Throughout the whole process, those receiving coaching will receive automatic reminders to drive attendance and encourage participation. 

And third, it allows you to track and visualize coaching outcomes in real time. On the 15Five platform, you can chart the impact of the coaching sessions through the Engage assessment tool and monitor changes in long-term employee engagement and satisfaction with performance reviews.

To learn more about Coaching Hub, click here or contact us.