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Two-Way Integration Between 15Five and Rippling Simplifies HR, IT and Performance Management

Bradon Fennell
Bradon Fennell

At 15Five, we’re all about streamlining processes and making things simpler. That’s why we’re so excited about the 15Five and Rippling best-of-class, two-way integration that helps you streamline 15Five performance management from the first day a new member joins your team.

Within minutes, you can connect 15Five and Rippling and automatically create and remove 15Five user accounts when you onboard and offboard employees. Using Smart Rules, you can configure who should have administrative status access (and when they should have it), so each employee gets the correct permissions in 15Five.

Employee data and operations can be clunky and labor-intensive. But that’s not the case when you use 15Five and Rippling together to manage and empower the most valuable aspect of your business — your employees. The integration allows you to automatically assign employees to groups within 15Five, so every team is together.

You can also configure groups using specific employee names or by fields in Rippling like department, role, employment status, or management level. Managing groups in 15Five takes your provisioning automation to the next level by allowing you to map team user accounts to the corresponding access types in 15five.

Learn more about the integration by visiting the Rippling App Shop

Fields that Sync

  • Employee Email
  • Employee First Name
  • Employee Last Name
  • Employee Job Title
  • Employee Reviewer Email (Manager)
  • Employee Work Location
  • Employee ID
  • Review Data (from 15Five to Rippling)
  • Objective Data (from 15Five to Rippling)
  • Pulse Data (from 15Five to Rippling)

See step-by-step instructions on setting up the integration here.