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How Clearbit minimizes turnover with proactive performance management

Logan Hendrickson

Ruchi Banerjee is the Head of People Engagement and Inclusion at Clearbit.

A focus on growth and development leads to investing in performance management

Clearbit has always been invested in growth & development and 15Five was the tool they needed to enhance performance management and employee growth. Clearbit’s leadership team wanted to ensure that employees felt confident in how they were performing, and that they knew what successful growth and development could look like at the company. In order for employees to stay, they need to see a way for themselves to progress their careers in-house or they might seek that next job transition or promotion elsewhere.

With rapid year over year growth, retaining high-performing employees was important, so they decided to formalize their performance management processes and look for a platform to help them.

After evaluating several vendors, the Clearbit leadership team ultimately decided to work with 15Five because of the personal care they received during their trial period.

“15Five’s team really stood out to us in the process. With different vendors they might be slightly different in the features that they offer but the amount of support and guidance we’ve received with 15Five has been incredible.”

15Five creates the space for career development conversations to flourish

After implementing 15Five, and specifically leveraging the Best Self Kick-off, conversations about career development and growth became the norm.

Before 15Five, any performance discussions were hyper-focused on how the previous week had gone, and could often regress into conversations about simple task management or behavior modification.

By taking a more holistic approach to performance management, Ruchi has noticed that employees are now having meaningful discussions about the next 6+ months during their Best Self Reviews, there have been conversations that have led to creating new jobs, finding better fit roles, and more. 

A decrease in turnover and an open door for career growth

Ruchi is confident that by opening up the lines of communication with management, and using tools like the weekly Check-in, they have been able to measure sentiment in a more effective way and flag potential turnover risks early – allowing them to retain employees they would have otherwise lost.

“Being able to reach out to at-risk employees early, letting them know they have support, is something that has allowed us to retain employees we might have lost if we didn’t have a tool like 15Five.”

One notable success story from a best self kick-off was Ruchi herself. Before stepping into the Head of People Engagement and Inclusion role, Ruchi was head of Customer Success at Clearbit.

“Through conversations using 15Five I was able to figure out what areas motivate me, my energizers, and de-energizers, and my career vision.”

A positive impact on eNPS and DEI initiatives

By listening to their employees, and taking action on high-impact items, Clearbit saw a 24 point increase in eNPS from one Engage survey to the next.

Ruchi also was able to shift a lot of her role and responsibilities to focus on DEI initiatives after learning how important they were to Clearbit employees. After using custom questions to uncover more of the story, they were able to measure some significant successes from their DEI initiatives.

Scaling a career-defining culture while continuing to grow 

As Clearbit continues to add to their team, the people leadership team is committed to continuing to allow space for their employees to have open and honest career conversations while growing their careers and scaling the business.

Ruchi and her team are continuing to listen to their employees with Engage, empower managers with Check-ins and 1-on-1s, and provide a holistic performance management process with Best Self Reviews in Perform.

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