15Five vs Lattice

Why HR leaders prefer 15Five over Lattice

If you’re an HR leader tasked with driving change that meaningfully impacts key metrics such as employee retention, performance, and engagement then consider 15Five as an alternative to Lattice. Lattice built a platform that can tick many boxes, but a long feature list has a major drawback: more features won’t help you bring the change you’ve imagined for your organization.

Go beyond checking the boxes

Members of the 15Five community, many of whom are former Lattice customers, choose 15Five because they’ve committed to going further than buying software and calling it done. They’re driven by creating a thoughtful talent strategy and achieving tangible people goals alongside managers and employees.

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The 15Five Difference

Why HR leaders eventually move to 15Five

Managers and ICs Love Us

More than just a tool for HR, we enable managers and ICs to balance business performance and fulfilling work, making 15Five a win-win for HR and employees.

Simple and Fast

We’ve kept our UX simple and quick while giving HR leaders the configurability they need to create an employee experience fit for their company culture.

Designed for Impact

We combine software with learning, coaching, and community on a single platform to help HR solve problems holistically, equipping managers and employees with tools and know-how.

What you should watch out for with Lattice

Lattice struggles with usability and adoption

HR leaders and employees often find Lattice’s platform to be less intuitive than 15Five. Eventually, adoption of the Lattice platform begins to erode as essential tasks take too long for employees to complete. Usability issues can compound and become difficult to ignore as employees spend more time using Lattice. This is why Lattice doesn’t offer a free trial or they offer a very time-constrained trial through their sales team.

15Five’s platform, honed over 10 years of learning what works and what doesn’t, is known for being easy to use for any demographic. That’s why 15Five makes it easy to sign-up and try the platform without any intervention from our sales team. 

Tip: In addition to 15Five’s full-featured performance, engagement, and OKR products, HR leaders use 15Five’s unmatched check-in and 1:1 tools to bring managers and employees closer together, which plays a powerful role in driving weekly adoption of the platform.

Lattice doesn't promote psychological safety

Lattice hasn’t committed to psychological safety, a necessary ingredient for high employee engagement and performance. Although essential for psych safety and critical for effective performance management, Lattice does not provide a robust role clarity feature that defines success in each role, uncovers employee motivators, or how employees can leverage their strengths. In addition, Lattice does not promote strong relationships between managers and employees, which in turn doesn’t support psych safety.

Paving the way for a high-performance culture, HR leaders use 15Five to create role clarity that energizes employees and enables them to play to their strengths. Plus, managers and employees can use 15Five during the critical onboarding phase to strengthen their relationships and in turn, promote psych safety across teams. 

Lattice creates more manual work for HR leaders

Performance management platforms are meant to reduce the manual, time-consuming work of using spreadsheets and other outdated performance tools. HR leaders that use Lattice often find a surprising amount of manual work required to use the platform effectively. Many of Lattice’s recent features require manager click training, and the data used by several key features cannot be managed in-app. For example, you may be required to upload and manage CSV files to use Lattice’s calibrations and performance rating features.



With 15Five, you’ll find it easier to stay in-app, reduce the amount of manual work, and enable your organization to focus on creating an engaging, high-performance workplace. And, using our platform, which is well known for its intuitiveness, your HR team won’t spend valuable time creating ‘how-to’ job aids in order to get managers and employees to use 15Five.

15Five vs Lattice Feature Comparison

1-1s Yes Yes
Reviews Yes Yes
Goals & OKRs Yes Yes
Engagement tools Yes Yes
Performance reporting Yes Yes
Productivity integrations Yes Yes
HRIS integrations Yes Yes
Two-way integrations: ADP & UKG Yes No
Competency reporting Yes No
Compensation integrations Yes No
Career planning Yes No
Engagement influence scores Yes No
Self-directed free trial Yes No
OKR root cause analysis Yes No
Role Clarity Yes No
Rename performance reviews Yes No
In-house performance coaching Yes No
In-house exec advising Yes No
Private comments in Check-ins Yes No
Auto-save unchecked 1:1 agenda items Yes No
Threaded comments in Check-ins Yes No
@mentions in Check-ins Yes No
How 15Five can help

Bring your talent strategy to life with 15Five


Build a company culture employees love

Employee engagement plays a major role in performance, productivity, and employee retention. 15Five’s Engage gives HR leaders and executives the tools to measure employee engagement, quickly find actionable insights, and take the necessary steps to drive impactful change. Unlike other platforms, as an HR leader on 15Five, you'll find it easy to identify drivers of engagement, analyze results at the department or manager level and, most importantly, track the actions being taken to improve engagement.


Create a high-performance workplace

Traditionally, performance reviews have been used as a medium to communicate and collect feedback. Using 15Five, turn your company's performance review cycles into an opportunity to develop your employees and improve productivity. 15Five’s Perform covers the full spectrum of performance, from designing a review cycle that meets your company's needs to collecting reviews and ratings, protecting against bias, and making critical decisions around promotion and pay.


Achieve business critical goals

To achieve expectation-beating business results, multiple teams and departments must function as one, aligning their goals, taking action toward those goals, and tracking progress. HR leaders and execs use 15Five Focus to manage their goal planning, execution, and tracking on one platform. Focus enables leaders to drive alignment, uncover the root causes when goals aren't met, and take action quickly and easily.


Turn managers into highly effective leaders

15Five is more than just software. Our in-house team of coaches can partner with managers to overcome common organization-wide performance challenges. Based on your company's needs, we use a unique blend of instructor-led training and expert coaching to help your managers think and take action like leaders. We develop highly effective managers who know how to move business metrics and keep teams engaged at the same time.

Over 3,400 organizations maximize performance with 15Five

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