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Retention Through Recognition: Feedback, Growth, and the Rise of Self

How do you keep employees learning and not leaving? Week 2 of this Employee Retention webinar series will flip the ignition switch on individual employee growth and the rise of self. We will discuss the psychological impacts of recognition, learning, growth, and cross-cultural communication to create strong, inclusive environments that keep people engaged. 

What You Will Learn

  • Identifying employee recognition styles while considering cultural differences
  • Defining opportunities for skill development towards employees’ goals and growth
  • Creating a sense of community and inclusion, especially for underrepresented people
  • Building an inclusive feedback loop to course-correct and keep employees motivated


Dr. Alex Shubat
CEO & Co-Founder at Espresa
Sienna Brown
Senior Manager of Global DEI Strategy, PowerToFly
Stefanie Chow
Events Manager at 15Five
Susan Lovegren
EVP, CHRO, Board Member and Advisor
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