Why Do Employees Really Quit Their Jobs? (Infographic)

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How real do you get with employees during exit interviews?

Do you push the envelope and ask for the dirty details or do you settle for, “it was just time to move on to something different”?

You occasionally get an employee who has been waiting for this glorious moment to tell you off. But for those unwilling to share, now is your chance to find out if the company culture is failing or flourishing. Get all of the details about their direct supervisor, co-workers, and team morale.

Did an employee recently quit without providing details? Maybe it was because they weren’t getting enough support with their work challenges or maybe they felt like their ideas were not being heard.

The HR software company BambooHR recently conducted a survey to find out why people leave their jobs and what their biggest workplace deal breakers are. Check out the infographic they made of their study results, and maybe you’ll find some reasons why your last few employees quit.


An exit interview is a great opportunity to see your organization through an employee’s eyes, but employee departures are expensive and can be detrimental for morale. Learn how to improve employee retention by asking a handful of questions each week. You may just avoid hearing those dreaded two words: “I quit”.

Image Credit: Tyler Merbler

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