Top 5 Leadership & Culture Posts This Month

By Lauren Lee Anderson

Whether you’re running a startup or trying to keep up with a team of 10,000 employees, balancing leadership and culture can be difficult.

That’s why so many of us are writing about our experiences and insights, especially at the end of the year when we’re able to look back and take stock of all we’ve learned. In order to keep up with all the great content out there, we’ve put together this top list of December reads.

Since we are closing out 2013 this week, our selections are tailored towards increasing productivity and employee engagement in the new year.  So, without further ado, here’s our list of leadership and culture content you should read to get a leg up on 2014.

1. The Year of the Employee: 10 Predictions for Talent, Leadership and HR Technology in 2014

By Josh Bersin
Josh predicts that 2014 will be the “Year of the Employee”, when attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent will be paramount. HR focus will shift from outdated practices like the yearly performance review, and be redirected towards innovation and leveraging new technologies.

2. The Last Re-Org You’ll Ever Do

By Aaron Dignan
Aaron analyzes different organizational models and details how the most successful businesses are the ones able to quickly evolve. As a business grows from a lean team to thousands of employees, communication tends to break down. Borrowing from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s concept of antifragility, Aaron explains how a growing company can actually thrive on volatility. Is your business like the Hydra that grows back two heads when one is cut off?

3. The Next Social Imperative

By Marcus Nelson
Marc Benioff realized that employees can tap the power of social media to focus on customer needs, drive sales, and transform businesses. Social media, now the predominant marketing channel, has shifted. We are bombarded with ads and promotions designed for consumers to engage with products just long enough to ‘like’ or purchase them. Instead, Marcus advocates for using social media to put human empathy at the core of every customer interaction.

4. Leadership Is About Emotion

By Meghan M. Biro
We admire leaders because they inspire us, and that inspiration translates into productivity and high achievement. Meghan recognizes that leadership roles are not for everyone, but leadership skills can be learned, acquired, and perfected by all.

5. Think You’re Good at Your Job? How to Create a Functional Feedback Cycle

By Kate Matsudaira
How can you gauge your performance as a manager? Kate advises that we learn to motivate, collaborate, and function as a team. Create a feedback cycle to understand team efficiency, customer happiness, and leadership prowess. The best way to measure these important metrics is by asking your team the same comprehensive, timeless questions throughout the year.

How did these posts help you reflect on your year or plan for the next one? Leave us a comment below!

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