What You Need To Know To Be Productive At Work (Infographic)

By David Keane

From Lifehacking to Productivity Hacking, everyone is looking for ways to be more efficient and productive at work and at life. Optimization doesn’t stop at the activities we perform, but also melts over into the environments that we create.

What does research tell us about the impact of workspace design on creativity and performance? Is it better to work in quiet environments or to work with our headphones blasting music? What about lighting levels, the color of the walls, or the postures we sit in?

The infographic below offers insight into how to guarantee a productive workspace, supported by scientific studies. From exercises you can do from the convenience of your desk, to positive changes you can make to your environment, the infographic highlights the myriad ways to improve concentration and productivity.

A Lightbulb Going Off

Brighter is not always better. According to one study, a dimmer environment actually fosters superior creativity in terms of idea generation. While, brighter light levels are seen to be more conducive to analytical and evaluative thinking.

Experts also advise using natural lighting whenever possible. It is easier on the eyes and research has shown it increases productivity and employee satisfaction. If you have no option but to be in an office space with fluorescent lighting, then ensure you take frequent breaks outdoors.

It’s vital that you choose an office space that you feel happy and comfortable in. If your freedom is restricted, shape the space as much as you can to make it your own. Get your surroundings in order and the rest is sure to follow.

~Psychologist and Writer, Dr. Christian Jarrett for 99U 

Creativity and innovative thinking is affected by more than the lights. Formality in the workplace arrests the flow of ideas, and the modern focus is on creating more transparent and barrier-free work environments. The idea is to create an office space that promotes employee collaboration and interaction from the bottom of the company to the top.

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The days of the boring cubicle are numbered. Shared spaces and glass walls and doors are likely to become more commonplace in the future. New modern solutions are being presented for the office environment, including bright colors, open plan spaces, and office pods. These positively alter colleagues’ moods and encourage collaboration with one another.

For more fascinating advice and insights, check out the infographic below:

(Note – In the “Keep your Office Warm” section below, I cite a study that recommends an office temperature between 17 and 22 degrees centigrade. That translates to 70 degrees fahrenheit.  If your office temperature is set to 22 degrees fahrenheit, you probably have bigger problems than employee productivity.)

What You Need To Know To Be Productive At Work

 David Keane is the Director of Davitt Corporate Partners, a Dublin based organization made up of highly motivated and dedicated corporate psychologists, with strong strategic business partners in the UK, Europe, Australia and the US.

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