The 14Four

By David Mizne

15Five used to be based on a simple idea. Each employee spends 15 minutes per week writing a report that takes their managers no more than 5 minutes to read. An agile and elegant solution to the communication conundrum that many companies face.

We really value simplicity. So we thought we’d trim the fat even more.

What if there was a better way?

Cutting the fat

And then it dawned on us. 14Four – a revolution in employee feedback and reporting software. Yesterday, we looked in the mirror and realized we’d outdone ourselves. Today, we announce it to you. We’ve shaved a minute off for both employees and managers worldwide and have struck up a cause to save thousands of man hours each year.

Just think about what you could accomplish with that time. How many Facebook updates could you post? You could write hundreds of emails, looping in countless employees who don’t need to be involved. You can finally hold endless meetings without purpose.

Time is funny

We can’t add extra hours to the day but we started to dream of a brave new world that would begin with all of our customers saving one whole extra minute each week — just imagine what mankind could accomplish! Rome wasn’t built in a day, but that’s because they didn’t have 14Four.

A skeptical 15Five customer was the first to beta-test the new software. Within minutes they traded in their 15Five subscription, for the more efficient new option. The user commented: “So many great revenue-generating ideas have been shared by employees using 15Five. Unfortunately, we were just not running at total peak efficiency. 14Four has really made a difference. We uncovered various concerns within the company in even less time – 60 seconds quicker than normal.  By shaving off those precious moments, we were able to save $79 in payroll this week alone.”

New product, new brand

The company will remain “15Five”, in part to honor the inspiration provided by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard. But mostly because there already is an interactive ad agency called 14Four. Lovely people, please don’t sue us.

To avoid confusion, we will be creating a separate webpage for the new tool. David Hassell came up with the tagline himself: “14Four, saving the world thousands of man-hours, one minute at a time” (period intentionally omitted for brevity)

Photo Credit (cropped): Melanie Tata

Tell us –what would you do with an extra minute each week, nearly an entire extra hour each year of your life?!

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