New Feature Update: The Inappropriate Question Bank

By David Mizne

We’ve known for some time that healthy communication amongst teammates and between employees and managers, drives productivity and builds strong relationships. So we thought, if asking professional questions creates such a powerful impact on the business world, asking unprofessional questions must inevitably foster a more well rounded workplace. And thus came into being, The Inappropriate Question Bank.

We modeled this groundbreaking feature after the original Question Bank, with categories intended to correlate to desired management outcomes. Just login and click on the arrow next to your name in the upper right hand corner. Select the skull and crossbones icon to search for the most inappropriate questions your team can handle!

Here’s a breakdown of the top 3 categories, along with sample questions:

1) HR Nightmare

The latest HR trend is for many of the duties of talent management to shift from human resources to each employee’s direct supervisor. This includes weekly check-ins and performance reviews. That means your HR department is probably getting pretty bored. These questions are sure to make their role more interesting than ever before:

How much do you weigh?

If you skipped this one during the interview process, you missed a great opportunity to break the ice. In the unlikely event that the employee reacts negatively, simply explain that you are collecting relevant data for your people analytics initiatives.

2) Let’s Get Edgy

And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

~Anaïs Nin

One of our core values is, Always Be Learning & Growing. But every now and then, that growth comes at a cost. A person must confront their greatest fears, shedding one form of self to take on another. For example, self help guru Tony Robbins pushes people’s edges by having them walk on hot coals. Here’s another example:

Who at the office would you like to punch in the face? @mention them here to start an after work brawl.

At fast-paced workplaces where rapid ideation and decision making occurs, differences of opinion can escalate into conflicts. Employees often simmer in resentment and a toxic workplace ensues. Nip these tiffs in the bud with a healthy physical exchange.

Pro Tip: Have coworkers watch the fights to build camaraderie and raise employee morale.

3) TMI

Authenticity and transparency are core values in many Fortune 500 companies. So go ahead and ask these highly invasive questions, your culture can handle it:

Who’d ya vote for? 

The Washington Post recently published an article entitled, Since the Election, a Third of Workers Say Their Colleagues Talk About Politics More than WorkThat’s because taboo subjects have a power all their own. Make political discourse the norm at the office and it’s allure will quickly dissolve into a wave of productivity. It’s not like the new president is a controversial figure. What could go wrong?

How many times did you microdose last week? 

Everyone gets into a slump from time to time. Encourage your team to get creative about where they find inspiration.

The cutting edge of people management is not for everyone. It takes a particular combination of those bold enough to tread into uncomfortable territory with employees, and companies with extra capital to spend on employment litigation.

But if you are indeed a visionary/early adopter, don’t go it alone. Try our latest feature and let’s get inappropriate together.

Miz BearDavid is VP of Shenanigans at 15Five, where he writes such hilarious April Fools posts as, New Feature Release: The Micromanagement Dashboard and The 14Four. Follow him on Twitter @AttemptingToBePithyIn140Characters.

Image Credit: Christopher Brown 

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