11 Frightening Facts About Workplace Stress (Infographic)

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In a culture where overworking without breaks and always being online is the norm, people viscerally know what stress feels like. A toxic force overwhelms the body creating stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, and the many side effects continuously drain your energy. But did you know that stress can be the gateway to doing your best work?

People require stress to grow. It is the natural outcome of stepping outside your comfort zone and challenging yourself. Just think of weightlifting, to gain strength you have to push yourself physically which actually means regularly tearing your muscles. There is a bit of soreness or pain, but the muscles will regenerate and grow stronger.

We might be tempted to overexert ourselves in order to grow stronger & faster but that only causes muscles to tear beyond normal repair. The recovery periods between workouts are just as important as the exercise.

The same principles hold true for mental and emotional workplace stress. Avoiding stress altogether deprives you of the challenge that leads to personal and professional growth.

Don’t be too quick to label stress as a negative, but consider how much stress you encounter. Get feedback from your team to see how stressed they are and how they recover from it. Instead of damaging your health and career, learn how to use stress as a powerful catalyst for evolving into your best self:


11 Frightening Facts About Workplace Stress

This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee engagement platform that reduces stress at work while showing the return on investment of a great organizational culture.

Image Credit: bottled_void

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