Monday, November 6th
3 PM - 7 PM

Colorado Foyer


4 PM - 6 PM

Colorado Foyer

Welcome Reception

Tuesday, November 7th
8 AM - 9 AM

Colorado Foyer

Registration and Breakfast

9 AM - 10 AM

Colorado Ballroom

Embracing HR's Head and Heart: Why the Tension Between Business Impact and a Human-Centered Workplace is a False Dichotomy

It’s no surprise that the vast majority of HR leaders are feeling burnt out. After several years of guiding our organizations through relentless disruption, we still find ourselves caught up in a conflict between the new expectations of employees and the rising business pressures passed down from the c-suite. But this conflict is a false dichotomy. Discover with us why connecting the work of HR to quantifiable business impact does not have to come at the cost of building the human-centered workplace of your dreams. In fact, embracing both is the only path forward.

Jennie Yang

SVP of People at 15Five

10 AM - 10:30 AM

Colorado Foyer

Morning Coffee Break

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Aspen Ballroom

The Retention Roadmap: Plotting Your Course to Proactive Employee Retention

Join us to explore practical strategies for long-term employee retention. This interactive session will guide you through the key milestones and challenges of the retention journey. Discover how to create a compelling employee experience, leverage data for informed decision-making, and foster a culture of growth. Leave with a tailored roadmap to build a thriving and loyal workforce. Let's embark on this adventure together and unlock the secrets to long-term retention success.

Kirsti Grant

Chief People Experience Officer at Auror

Caren Mix

Director of People Operations at Nettwerk

Moderated by: Emily Diaz

VP of Transform at 15Five

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Mt. Sopris A/B

Driving Change Successfully: How to Enlist Managers as Catalysts for Strategic HR

For years we’ve been telling each other that people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. This is so much more than just another tired workplace truism. It’s an essential truth. Enabling managers is the bridge that helps HR deliver on critical business outcomes. We’ll show you how to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between HR and people leaders, practical approaches you can take to train and motivate your managers, examples of successful programs and a framework for proving the impact of manager

Hayley Norwood

VP of People Operations at Nettwerk

Caroline DeConto

Director of Talent and Culture at Nugget

Moderated by: Jon Greenawalt

SVP of Customer Transformation at 15Five

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Colorado Ballroom

HR's Next Big Leap and the Future of the 15Five Platform

The HR profession is experiencing the single biggest transformation in its history: the leap toward strategic HR. Join us as we define what this means for HR leaders and be among the first to see a set of breakthrough innovations from 15Five. We’ll share how the 15Five platform is evolving to help the practice of performance management finally live up to its promise by driving increased employee engagement, retention and performance.

David Hassell

Co-founder and CEO at 15Five

Jeff Smith

Head of Product at 15Five

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Colorado Foyer + Aspen Foyer


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Aspen Ballroom

HR at the Employee Performance Frontier: Building a Dynamic Performance Management Practice

We’re all asking the absolute most from our people with fewer resources, while still reckoning with a new world of work. Clinging to the tired notion of performance reviews as a perfunctory annual assessment doesn’t meet the moment we’re in. Join us to find out how to drop the dreaded performance review and make performance management a dynamic, ongoing practice. We’ll cover how to get your managers and employees bought in, eliminate bias and ambiguity from the process, and go from measuring performance to actually managing it within the flow of work.

Ben Douglas

SVP of Human Resources at Advantage | Forbes Books

Joey Perez

Director, HRBP & Compensation at Karius

Moderated by: Jennie Yang

SVP of People at 15Five

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Mt. Sopris A/B

The Disengagement Epidemic: Uncovering Root Causes and Finding Solutions

Employee disengagement costs the global economy $8.8 trillion annually, according to Gallup. Yet even after a national discussion about growing levels of Quiet Quitting and burnout, too many organizations still either misunderstand or dismiss the importance of engagement. Join us to learn how to help your leadership team understand what’s at stake by failing to address disengagement. We’ll show you how to make a business case for the importance of measuring and taking action on engagement challenges.

Carah Gordon

People and Culture Manager at Tagboard

Tarveen Forrester

VP of People at Kickstarter

Aisha Blackwell

Interim Chief People and Operations Officer at Young Community Developers

Moderated by: Lynnette Phillips

Performance Coach at 15Five

2:30 PM - 3 PM

Colorado Foyer

Afternoon Coffee Break

3 PM - 4 PM

Colorado Ballroom

HR Superstars Live! The State of Strategic HR

In 2022, only 46% of HR leaders were viewed as contributing strategic value to the business by their peers in the c-suite, according to research from Sapient Insights. But organizations with an HR function deemed strategic consistently outperformed other organizations in employee experience and business performance. We’re determined to help increase that number from 46% to 100%! Join this live recording of the HR Superstars Podcast for an update on the state of strategic HR today: where it stands as 2024 approaches, what it really means to be strategic, and how to develop or maintain your perception as a strategic leader to secure the support and budget your team deserves.

Cliff Stevenson

Director of Research at Sapient Insights Group

Jamy Conrad

VP of People at TrustRadius

Moderated by: Adam Weber

Chief Evangelist at 15Five

4 PM - 4:30 PM

Colorado Ballroom

15Five’s 2023 High Five Awards

Every day, countless HR leaders are making an exceptional business impact at their organizations. They deserve to be celebrated and share their stories! Join us as we reveal and recognize the winners of 15Five’s High Five Customer Awards. Hear the lessons these strategic HR leaders learned on their path to success, and go home with real-world stories worthy of emulating. We’ll be recognizing four categories: employee engagement, performance, retention and manager effectiveness.

Co-hosted by Erik Verbeek

Chief Customer Officer

and Ashley Young

Director of Customer Success at 15Five

6 PM - 10 PM

Reelworks Denver

Thrive Party

Wednesday, November 8th
8 AM - 9 AM

Aspen Foyer + Colorado Foyer


9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Colorado Ballroom

A Conversation with Phillipa Soo

Phillipa Soo is best known for originating the role of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton in Broadway’s critically acclaimed show Hamilton. The role garnered her the Lucille Lortel Award in 2015 for Lead Actress in a Musical during the show’s Off-Broadway, sold-out run at The Public Theater as well as earning her a 2016 Tony Award nomination. Join us for an exclusive, inspiring conversation you won’t want to miss.

Phillipa Soo

Tony-nominated and Grammy-winning actress, singer, and "Hamilton" star

Moderated by: Adam Weber

Chief Evangelist at 15Five

10:15 AM - 10:45 AM

Aspen Foyer

Morning Coffee Break

10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Aspen Ballroom

From Automation to Advancement: Embracing Artificial Intelligence while Keeping the Humanity in HR

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to free HR teams from so much administrative toil, creating space to deliver more strategic value to the business. But AI must also be treated with an element of caution to avoid ethical risk. Join us to learn how leading practitioners are already embracing AI without compromising HR’s human-centered imperative. We’ll cover the practical applications of AI you can deploy immediately to achieve your objectives, and give you a framework for managing yourself and your team through the fears and ethical implications.

Amanda Halle

HR Consultant, Founder & CEO at Mindful Growth Partners

Stephanie Smith

SVP of People and Culture at Tagboard

Moderated by: Dr. Jeff Smith

SVP of Product at 15Five

10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Mt. Sopris A/B

The Art of Strategic Succession Planning: Achieving Talent Continuity in an Era of Uncertainty

When your top performers exit, it leaves your organization with a critical void at a crucial moment. That’s when all eyes turn to HR for a solution, especially as macroeconomic factors continue to create uncertainty and demographic changes have set the stage for a wave of exits. Join us to learn how to build a succession planning program that can deliver talent continuity in an era of uncertainty. We’ll cover how to frame your plan against the needs of the business, overcome complexity and resistance to change, identify and engage your key leaders in the process and explain why performance management and succession planning must be integrated.

Ranya Hahn

Chief Human Resources Officer at Participate Learning

Karee Vernon

VP of HR at Kreg Tool Company

Moderated by: Leah Hahn

Senior Product Manager at 15Five

11:30 AM -11:45 AM

Closing Gratitude & Connection

Adam Weber

Chief Evangelist at 15Five

David Hassell


11:45 AM - 1 PM

Aspen Foyer

Closing Lunch

Join your peers over lunch to swap ideas and insights from the week, or simply take lunch to go as you head home ready to help your people and your organization Thrive!