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Today’s best managers believe that their employees are more than just fixed assets. They have shifted away from the role of commanding boss to supportive coach, by creating the space for employees to become their best selves. As a result, employees become self-motivated, bring higher energy into the office, grow in their roles and lives, and become more loyal to the company.

In this webinar, we have partnered with premier executive coaches Loren Bale of Torch and Caneel Joyce of Evolution to help shift your management style from transactional to transformational.

Topics covered:

- Shifting the mindset from manager to coach
- How to have more effective and valuable 1:1s
- How to really listen as a manager
- Making the connection between personal development and high performance

Shane Metcalf

Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer,



Executive Coach,


Caneel Joyce

Loren Bale

Executive Coach,