Psychological Safety in the Face of Uncertainty

Navigating uncertainty is a fundamental human challenge; uncertainty can be both ungrounding and frightening.

This community shares a focus on creating environments people can come together, be their best, and support others, even and especially, in challenging times.

Join together as a people community for this webinar on Psychological Safety in the Face of Uncertainty. An expert panel will be sharing their personal experiences of how they are deepening psychological safety through challenging times, and how they are equipping people leaders to do the same for their teams.

Panelists will be taking your questions and sharing their road tested experience of creating clarity, connection, and community.


Jennie Yang,
Director of Talent Transformation at 15Five

Meredith Haberfeld

Meredith Haberfeld,
Founder, CEO at ThinkHuman

Rajkumari Neogy,
Founder at iRestart

Allie Hanegan,
VP of People at TigerConnect

Mercer Carlin,
Senior Consultant at ThinkHuman