How to Engage Your Remote Workforce


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The traditional office landscape is continually changing - over 50% of our workforce will be remote by 2020, and the willingness to leave employers for those who offer flexible work environments is increasing. According to Softchoice’s 2017 study Collaboration Unleashed, 74% of workers would switch jobs for the opportunity to work off-site more often.

One of the biggest challenges with working remotely is finding a sense of belonging and inclusivity while being away from your team. This can lead to lower engagement, decreased productivity and higher turnover.

We'll share:

- Strategies and tactics to engage your remote employees, towards a goal of retaining 25% more of your workforce
- Cultural rituals and practices to promote a sense of belonging and inclusivity
- Programs to recognize your remote employees

Duration: 60 minutes

Shane Metcalf

Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer,



Direct of Marketing,


Morgan Chaney

Karen Rubin

Co-Founder & CEO,


Dan Manian

VP of Growth,