How To Engage Your Remote Workforce

The traditional office landscape is continually changing – over 50% of our workforce will be remote by 2020, and the willingness to leave employers for those who offer flexible work environments is increasing. According to Softchoice’s 2017 study Collaboration Unleashed, 74% of workers would switch jobs for the opportunity to work off-site more often. 

One of the biggest challenges with working remotely is finding a sense of belonging and inclusivity while being away from your team. This can lead to lower engagement, decreased productivity and higher turnover.

In this webinar, we discuss ways to engage your remote workforce in order to create a high performing culture in a globally distributed team.

You Learn: 

  • How to create a culture of feedback
  • How to create psychological safety within your organization
  • How to scale feedback across all of your teams
  • Ways to implement systems to self-organize continuous feedback

Karen Rubin

Karen Rubin,
Chief Revenue Officer, OwlLabs

Shane Metcalf

Shane Metcalf,
Co-Founder and CCO, 15Five

Morgan Chaney

Morgan Chaney,
Sr. Director of Marketing, BlueBoard

Dan Manian

Dan Manian,
Founder and CEO, Donut