Is Your Employee Lifecycle Experience Equitable?

Our world and workforce have changed dramatically. In a job market of increasing options, changing needs of generations and new normals, leading organizations have one major thing in common; they recognize that it is critical to support the most important part of the business: the Humans. 

Join us for a webinar discussion on how to create an equitable and sustainable employee lifecycle experience. An amazing group of people leaders will discuss actionable insights, latest trends, and real-world stories of how to support the Humans in our organizations from the time they are hired to the time to retire.

Key Takeaways will include:

  • Tips to understand and manage every Human’s unique experience in the workplace
  • Examine which parts of the life cycle may be rooted in and perpetuating systems of inequity 


Jennie Yang,
VP of People & Culture

Hakemia Jackson,
Executive Coach & Cultural Strategist

Kavita Vora,
Chief People Officer

Shaan Hathiramani,

Francesca Walker,
Assistant Director of Student Experience