Best-Self Management


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What if as a leader, you were able to shorten the time needed to ramp-up every employee, increase the cadence and quality of their contributions, and retain them for much, much longer?

By supporting people in being and becoming their Best Selves, high and ever-increasing performance and loyalty naturally result.

In this webinar, 15Five CEO, David Hassell, and Chief Culture Officer, Shane Metcalf, will introduce our revolutionary new management philosophy: Best-Self Management. You’ll learn how to create a culture that celebrates the best in who your people are today, and supports them in learning, growing, evolving and becoming their best over time.

We'll share:

- The science behind this big shift in performance management
- Employee Lifetime Value as a metric for management success
- The hidden keys to human growth and potential
- How to foster intrinsic motivation (the kind that actually works)
- How to attract the best people, retain your best performers, and maximize everyone

Duration: 75 minutes

Shane Metcalf

Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer,



Founder & Chief Executive Officer,


David Hassell