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The CEOs of SalesLoft and 15Five come together in this webinar to discuss the keys to organizational health, and to provide you with an actionable blueprint to create a more successful team.

Mistakes That Led to Running a Healthy Company

Focusing on organizational health starts at the top, with the creation of a values-driven culture. SalesLoft CEO, Kyle Porter, shares the proven strategy he used to grow his company from 4 to 85 employees and 2,000% revenue growth in just two years.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Discover the "how, what, and why" of your business
  • Build a great culture that starts with intentional core values
  • Create an actionable blueprint on how to reach your goals
  • Write a company-wide One Page Strategic Plan every quarter
  • Develop a meeting rhythm and company pulse

This webinar was recorded live on August 15, 2016. The offers and promotions in this webinar are for live webinar attendees only. 

Duration: 45 minutes


"15Five is an awesome place for our people to connect with management. They answer questions about their work and communicate if they are meeting their objectives and goals."


Kyle Porter

Founder & CEO

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