The Secrets to Improving Cross-Functional Collaboration

Let’s face it, team collaboration isn’t always easy.

It can be challenging to create a culture where team members raise a variety of ideas and concepts, where they’re encouraged to sincerely and passionately debate those ideas, and where, in the end, the team lands on the best solution.

However, despite the difficulties of managing true collaboration, research shows that when your team collaborates well, you get stronger results and a better business outcome.

You will learn how to…

  • Run a passive organizational network analysis (ONA) to improve collaboration
  • Leverage OKRs for cross-functional goal setting
  • Invest in intentional motivators for communication (especially in distributed teams)
  • Cultivating healthier workplace relationships cross-functionally and overcoming common blindspots in communication across teams

Dr. Jeff Smith,
Director of Best-Self Academy

Hakemia Jackson ,
Executive Coach & Cultural Strategist at Bravely

Brian Craft,
Head of Product at Sapling