Terms and Conditions

November 29, 2022

In an effort to provide more transparency to customers and end-users, 15Five has broken our principal commercial agreement, end-user terms of use, privacy policy, and data processing addendum into four separate documents. These documents replace the Terms and Conditions that previously resided on this page.

Principal Agreement

This document contains commercial terms that define the commercial relationship between 15Five and its customer organizations.

Master Service Agreement

End-user Terms of Use

This document contains language that defines rights and responsibilities of individuals who access 15Five services, products, communities, or otherwise interact with 15Five staff and resources.

Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

This document discloses the ways 15Five gathers, uses, discloses, and manages data.

Privacy Policy

Data Processing Addendum

This document regulates the particularities of data processing – such as its scope and purpose – as well as the relationship between the controller (15Five’s customers) and the processor (15Five).

Data Processing Addendum