The people behind the vision

We’re a company that is out to make history. Our team of designers, developers, thinkers and advisors have helped shape¬† into a leading company. Together we cultivate a strong culture with a vision to create the space for people to be their greatest selves.


David Hassell

Founder, CEO

nazar ivaniv 15five
Nazar Ivaniv

Co-Founder, CTO

Shane Metcalf

Co-Founder, VP Customer Success

Brad McGinity

VP Sales

Holly Kennedy

Head of Product

Stacey Hurst

Executive Assistant

Suzanne Haight

Executive Assistant

Chloe Sayers

Billing Specialist

Krystian Cybulski

Lead Developer

Mykhailo Grabovskyi


Paul Logston


Raymond Zhou


Patrick Sanders


Huong Le

Design Lead

Maru Carrion

Product Designer

Emily Diaz

Customer Success Manager

Priscilla Zorrilla

Customer Success Manager

Luke Guevara

Customer Success Manager

Meilena Hauslendale

Customer Success Specialist

Chelsea Margolies

Direct of Customer Support

Courtney Jarrell

Customer Support Specialist

Hollie Aghajani

Director of Demand Generation

David Mizne

Marketing Communications Manager

Mitchell Yee

Marketing Programs Coordinator

Courtney Bigony

Director of People Science

Skyler Le

Marketing Intern

Carson Adam

Revenue Operations Manager

A. Sigmon
Allison Sigmon

Account Executive

J. Russell
John Russell

Account Executive

Seth Eisenberg

Account Executive

Lior Givol

Account Executive

Crosby Lupton
Crosby Lupton

Sales Development Representative

Kate McHugh

Sales Development Representative

Tom Simeone

Sales Development Representative II

Dalton Taylor

Sales Operations Coordinator


Mike Faith


Chuck Longanecker

CEO, Digital Telepathy

Brad Oberwager

Inventor, 15Five Software

Simon Sinek

Author, Start With Why

Mike Walsh

Advisor, Investor, Consultant

Hiten Shah

CEO, Kissmetrics

Bryan Franklin

Advisor, Investor, Consultant

Jennifer Russell

Co-Founder, Mind, Money & Meaning

Jason Calacanis

Notable Founder, Investor, Advisor

Chip Conley

Founder: Joie de Vivre, Author: Peak

Lane Becker

Founder, Author, Speaker

Philip Rosedale

Inventor, Investor, Founder Second Life

Dave Kashen

Startup CEO Coach, Entrepreneur

Cameron Herold

Author & CEO Coach

Vishen Lakhiani

MindValley, Founder & CEO

Ryan Holiday

Author & Media Strategist

Colleen McCreary

Chief People Officer, Vevo

carrie brandes
Carrie Brandes

Head of People & Culture, Redbubble

Bill Macaitis


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