Grow beyond the deal, know what's working (and what isn't), and keep your best people.

Today's agile companies need processes and tools that enable them to move faster and more effectively.

In particular, sales departments experience rising expectations of managers, high turnover, and require fast onboarding of new employees.

This paper dives into the world of sales teams at growing companies. It highlights their unique challenges and provides real-world solutions from industry leaders.

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Sales teams are the lifeblood of every company. Whether sales are stagnant or growing, many leaders of sales teams face the same challenges - understanding why methodologies worked or didn't, coaching and influencing talent, and how to keep your best players from leaving.

In this paper: 

  • What's working on your sales team (and what isn't)
  • Growing the sales organization beyond the deal
  • Coaching your sales team
  • How WePay develops their sales talent during a rapid growth period