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David’s approach and Best-Self framework is a refreshing and insightful approach to modern day people management. It’s how I’d like to be managed and a great way to build a community of missionaries.”

– John Kim, CEO and Cofounder, Sendbird

David’s Latest Talk

Best- Self Management

What if as a leader, you were able to shorten the time needed to ramp-up every employee, increase the cadence and quality of their contributions, and retain them for much, much longer?

You can. But not by doing “employee performance management”.

In contrast to Performance Management, Best-Self Management proposes that when leaders build cultures and institute practices that support people in being and becoming their Best Selves, then high performance and uncommon loyalty is the natural result.

David debuted his talk on Best-Self Management in late 2018 to a group of 75 successful Silicon Valley venture-backed CEOs at a conference in Monterey. The talk was the highest rated of the day, with 83% of respondents rating it a 10 and 17% rating it a 9. It was also the top rated session in response to the questions “which session was your favorite?” and “which of the following session(s) do you feel will create immediate value for you and your team?”1

Best-Self Management integrates research on concepts such as the Growth Mindset, Strengths-based management, Psychological Safety, and Positive Psychology, to create a truly win/win paradigm of leadership and management. If leaders take this on together, we have the possibility of creating a more inspired, powerful, and purposeful world where everybody wins.

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Past Speaking Events

David has also spoken at CultureSummit, Success 3.0 Summit, Launch Scale, Metamind, The Culture Conference, and Point Nine Conference SaaS Founder Meetup.

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I was inspired by David's talk to create a 'Best Self' culture for my company. We're striving at Engagio to be a place where people want to stay and achieve the best potential, and this talk is full of idea to help make this happen (shifting managers to a 'coaching' mindset, creating psychological safety and self-actualization, etc.)"
Jon Miller
Jon Miller

Here's What People Are Saying

Great content, passionate and impactful message.

Best session of the morning. It really challenged my thinking about why my employees want to work for us.

Excellent! Resonated very well with me.

About David

David Hassell is a serial entrepreneur, business columnist, and speaker, who believes that when leaders support their employees in becoming their best selves, high engagement, performance and uncommon loyalty naturally result. As co-founder and CEO of 15Five, David and his team have developed industry-leading performance management software that helps leaders and managers drive high performance and build phenomenal cultures via a suite of features including weekly check-ins, OKR tracking, 1-on-1s, and peer appreciation.

While at 15Five, David created the science-inspired Best-Self Management methodology that helps leaders and managers address the hidden factors that stimulate sustainable growth and development – things like intrinsic motivation, growth mindset, strengths, positivity and psychological safety in the workplace. David and the team practice Best-Self Management and use 15Five internally, which they credit with their near zero attrition, rapid growth, and awards like Inc.’s Best Places to Work and ranking #3 on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list for companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. David formerly served as President of the San Francisco chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and was later named “The Most Connected Man You Don’t Know in Silicon Valley” by Forbes Magazine. He has also been featured in The Wall Street JournalInc.EntrepreneurFast Company, and Wired. Follow him on Twitter @dhassell.

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