People and performance management for your remote workforce

Support your employees in becoming their best selves, no matter where they work.

Help remote employees and managers stay in sync

A centralized office isn’t the only way employees can stay connected. The Check-in feature helps remote employees get into a rhythm of sharing important updates with their managers, making it easier to jump right to the heart of what’s important during 1-on-1s.

Maintain visibility
across distributed teams

When it comes to business, no one wants just half the story. 15Five gives you the full picture with easy Objective tracking and ongoing progress updates. And with Dashboards and Reporting, you’ll know how your people are doing.

Provide a way for your people
to share recognition

Isolation isn’t a side effect of working remotely, it’s the result of feeling unrecognized and underappreciated. Create a remote culture that celebrates each other’s wins—big or small—by encouraging your people to send virtual High Fives.

Remote team development

15Five’s solution goes beyond technology. We also offer premier workshops and free education to help companies grow and develop their remote teams.


Remote Work Essentials

In the Remote Work Essentials workshop, we help your people find the combination of habits and practices that work best for them so they can be productive anywhere.

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Remote Work Fundamentals

Take advantage of this complimentary course designed to help remote employees have more effective meetings, build better connections, and discover practices to increase productivity.

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Want to learn more about leading remote teams to success?

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