Elevate the effectiveness of your managers

Arm your managers with the tools, knowledge,
and skills needed to guide employees to success.

Understand the context behind the status updates

Initiating positive change is difficult with only half the story. With 15Five Check-ins, both you and your managers get detailed updates on what’s most important, including employee progress updates, challenges impacting performance, and wins.

Inspire performance through meaningful goal-setting

When managers can link their team goals to the organization’s, employees are more motivated to achieve them. Help managers connect employee efforts to the company’s purpose through Objectives and encourage on-going feedback with guided 1-on-1s.

Learn how managers are engaging with their employees

With 15Five’s Dashboards and Reporting, you can get a high-level view of your managers’ impact and understand how each team is doing. With this visibility, you’ll know exactly what’s going well, and the issues that need to be addressed.

Manager skill development

In addition to our research-backed software, 15Five offers premier workshops and education to help companies take their managers to the next level.



Educate your people leaders⁠–new or experienced⁠–on the skills needed to conduct effective 1-on-1s, offer meaningful feedback, and coach their teams to greatness.

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Best-Self Management Certification

This online course teaches managers best practices for communicating more effectively, create objectives that inspire performance, and building engaged high-performing teams.

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