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The Great Upheaval

A Special Report on the State of HR & the Workplace

We surveyed 1,000 U.S. employees and 500 HR leaders about work-life balance, their preferred work environment, the likelihood of quitting and layoffs, and other concerns about the economic climate.

We are calling this report The Great Upheaval, since employee attrition is slowing and many HR departments—especially in certain sectors like tech—are reducing their workforces, rescinding offers, and limiting benefits. Conflicting reports about the state of the economy—from booming job growth to dire predictions of a recession—are making decision-making about next steps difficult for HR leaders, employers and employees. 

No matter the state of the economy or talent market, there is a path forward to create mutual flourishing for everyone. It starts with gathering data on employee sentiment and performance, and then taking action. Data provides visibility into trends around how every employee feels at work week over week, and how they are performing against goals. And tech solutions can help HR leaders identify top performers and then equip managers to bolster employee engagement, productivity, and morale. 

Table of Contents:

I. Work-life balance continues to be largely aspirational, and downtime is disappearing
II. Remote, hybrid or in-office? Employees disagree on preferred work environment
​​III. Should I stay or should I go? The economy is changing the narrative – or is it?
IV. HR leaders need data to drive decisions and shape their talent strategy
V. How HR leaders can help employees, employers, and their teams during times of upheaval

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