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Redefine Collaboration for your Distributed Workforce with Remote Team Management Solutions

Digital technology has made it easier than ever to hire remote employees. Now, instead of being forced to hire the most qualified job candidate who also happens to live near your office, you can hire the most qualified job candidate from anywhere in the world to join your distributed workforce.

That said, it’s one thing to just hire a remote staff; it’s another to manage them efficiently and get the most out of their performance potential. When you have a dispersed team, you need remote management solutions. It’s hard to reap the benefits a strong distributed team offers if you can’t stay connected efficiently.

That’s not a problem when you have the right remote team management software. At 15Five, we offer a complete solution for anyone managing remote employees. Our product allows you to perform weekly remote team check ins, establish objectives (and monitor your team’s progress towards them), and conduct one-on-one meetings with employees, no matter where in the world they are. Using this team management software lets you finally take full advantage of your distributed team’s strengths.

Team Management Software Addresses the Challenges of Managing Remote Employees

It’s easy to see the benefits to hiring employees from anywhere in the world. The fact of the matter is, the perfect person for the job might not live near your office, or they might be unable to relocate. On top of that, if you’re running a small business or startup, you need to look for ways to save money. With a remote team, you don’t have to pay for a work space and all of the accompanying overhead of in-house employees.

Team Communication

Once you’ve put together a distributed team, you’ll soon find that managing your remote employees is a challenge. Office settings allow supervisors to regularly check in with their workers face-to-face, even in informal ways. It’s easy to communicate with your team when everyone’s in the same building.

That’s not the case when your employees are scattered throughout the world as a distributed workforce. Addressing performance issues, setting goals, and gathering feedback from your employees can be a struggle.

Workplace Culture

It’s also difficult to establish and maintain a strong workplace culture when managing remote employees. Ideally, you want to know your staff is engaged in their roles. You want them to actively care about the company’s success. Unfortunately, you can’t exactly gather everyone together for an inspiring pep talk if they’re all based in different areas of the globe.

With remote team performance management tools like video conferencing software that’s not an issue. That software is not enough, however. To be efficient and cost conscious, 15Five’s team management software is designed specifically to allow managers to track employee performance and ask employee questions. Virtual meetings can now be used to make decisions and coach employees, instead of gathering information you should already have.

The Features of the Best Remote Management Solution

Our team management software combines a range of features. It isn’t simply limited to one or two functions, like scheduling conferences or tracking progress. With the 15Five continuous performance management platform, managers can maintain clear lines of communication with their distributed workforce and improve performance in real-time.

Among its many features, the platform lets you check in with employees on a regular basis with customizable questions via a clean, elegant interface. You can use it to track how well your team is doing at achieving key goals quickly, which means you can make adjustments as soon as you notice a problem instead of letting performance issues get in the way of productivity.

A remote management tool doesn’t just benefit top leadership; it also benefits employees, managers, and even clients. Effectively managing a dispersed team makes your daily life as a leader less stressful, and it also boosts the overall remote team performance, helping your company grow and thrive. And then you’re better able to manage your remote employees, you can ensure that they are focused on projects for your valued customers.

Why You Need Remote Team Solutions

Finding the ideal candidate can be difficult when you’re hiring remote employees. Although a candidate may technically have the experience and skill set necessary to succeed in a given position, accountability can be an issue in cultures where employees are encouraged to work in the office every day.

Even otherwise strong employees may not fully engage with their work without managers and colleagues being present to collaborate with and encourage each other. In some cases, a distributed team might simply need more guidance than you can offer if you’re not sharing an office. They may have every intention of performing as a fully engaged employee, but they need your direction to better understand what their short-term and long-term goals should be.

This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the benefits of a remote workforce in favor of hiring employees you can manage in an office. Thanks to 15Five, you can stay in direct contact with your workers, no matter where they are.

When employees only receive feedback every so often, minor issues become huge problems and misalignment with key company objectives can occur. Not to mention that employees (especially remote ones) can feel disconnected. Instead, you can establish regular, standardized processes for remote team performance management.

That’s what the 15Five remote team management software offers. With our distributed team solutions, you have all the tools you need to manage your workforce from anywhere. Now you can hire the best people in the global talent pool, confident that you’ll be able to hold them accountable, inspire them, and learn what they need from you on a regular basis.

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