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Redefine Collaboration for your Distributed Workforce with Remote Team Management Solutions

Digital technology has made it easier than ever to have remote employees, but for those who have yet to make the switch, shifting your mindset may be the hardest part. Going remote can offer myriad benefits; maybe one of your teams needs more flexibility to find the most qualified job candidates or your entire organization has been forced to go remote, you need a solution that brings out your people’s best. 

A remote management tool doesn’t just benefit top leadership; it also benefits employees, managers, and even clients. Effectively managing a dispersed team makes your daily life as a leader less stressful, and it also boosts the overall remote team performance, helping your company grow and thrive. And then you’re better able to manage your remote employees, you can ensure that they are focused on projects for your valued customers.


Without the right solution, managing remote employees can be a real challenge. Office settings allow supervisors to regularly check in with their workers face-to-face, even in informal ways, and communication’s easy when everyone’s in the same building. But when your team is scattered all over the place, addressing performance issues, setting goals, and gathering feedback from your employees can be a struggle.


It can be difficult to build and maintain a strong culture when people aren’t in the office together. You want everyone to actively care about your company’s success and be engaged in their roles, but it can be a challenge when you’re not able to gather everyone together for an inspiring pep talk. Video conferencing software helps, but it’s not enough. 

15Five offers a complete solution for anyone managing remote employees. Our product helps leaders to perform weekly remote team check-ins, establish objectives (and monitor your team’s progress towards them), conduct one-on-one meetings with employees no matter where in the world they are, and gauge how each person is feeling from week to week. Virtual meetings can now be used to make decisions and coach employees, instead of gathering information you should already have.

Why You Need a Remote Team Management Solution

Even otherwise strong employees may not fully engage with their work when managers and colleagues aren’t present to collaborate with and encourage each other. In some cases, a distributed team might simply need more guidance than can be offered when not in the same physical space. And some people have every intention of performing as a fully engaged employee but find that they need more direction to better understand what their short-term and long-term goals should be.

When employees only receive feedback every so often, minor issues become huge problems and misalignment with key company objectives can occur. Not to mention, employees (especially remote ones) can feel disconnected. 

15Five helps companies establish regular, standardized processes for remote team performance management and gives leaders the tools needed to manage their workforce from anywhere.

15Five–loved by employees and managers alike

A lot of our company is remote, so through having weekly 15Five check-ins, managers are able to stay on top of issues before they happen.

Caitlin J
51-200 employees

Being remote, it’s sometimes hard to connect with your manager and get direct feedback. I find that 15Five is good place to go back to if I am feeling overwhelmed or if I am not sure where I should be spending my time.

Erin O
501-1000 employees

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