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Do you have the right tools to manage your remote teams?

Digital technology has made it easier than ever to have remote employees, but for those leaders who are new to the world of remote work, shifting your mindset may be the hardest part. Allowing remote work can offer myriad benefits, but managing employees who are not in the same space as you can be a challenge. You need a solution that brings out the very best in your people, no matter where they are. 

15Five’s remote team management solution helps managers and organizations take steps to effectively manage your dispersed team, you can help lighten your to-do list, alleviate unnecessary stress, and boost the overall team performance, all of which contribute to a thriving culture. This way, you can ensure that your remote employees are hyper-focused on projects that delight your customers.


Without the right solution, managing remote employees can feel like an overly complex puzzle—too many floating pieces and no clear vision. Leaders need to easily address performance issues, goal-setting, and they need a smooth way to gather feedback.


When teammates are dispersed, culture can quickly become an afterthought. But a healthy culture is critical for extracting the best out of your employees and ensuring they remain motivated. Managers need tools that help create and maintain team microcultures.

15Five offers a complete solution for anyone managing remote employees. Our product helps leaders:

  • Perform weekly remote team check-ins;
  • Learn where their employees’ focus and challenges are;
  • Establish objectives (and monitor your team’s progress towards them);
  • Conduct strategic 1-on-1 meetings with employees; and 
  • Gauge how each person is feeling from week to week so you can catch disengagement before it sinks in. 

15Five helps you make the most use of your time and your employees’ time. Use virtual meeting time to focus on making important decisions and coaching employees, rather than gathering information you should already have.

Why You Need a Remote Team Management Solution

Even the best employees can become disengaged when managers and colleagues aren’t present for collaboration and encouragement. And some people have every intention of performing as a fully-engaged employee but find themselves lost. Some distributed team members may simply need more guidance on working with distributed teams, and others may need more direction to better understand what their short-term and long-term goals should be. 

The truth is, managing remote employees requires efficient communication. Without it, minor issues can quickly become huge problems and misalignment with key company objectives can occur. Not to mention, employees (especially remote ones) can feel disconnected. 

15Five helps companies establish regular, standardized processes for remote team performance management and gives leaders the tools needed to manage their workforce from anywhere.

  • Check-ins and 1-on-1s: Don’t leave the most important conversations up to chance; ensure managers are checking in with employees using asynchronous check-ins and 1-1s. 
  • High Fives: Amplify your culture with routine acknowledgment and gratitude.
  • Pulse Check: Get visibility into the employee experience.
  • Objectives: Don’t let key company priorities get lost in the shuffle. Keep them top of mind and help everyone stay aligned. 
  • Remote work training: Services and education to equip your remote team for success
  • Security: Protecting your employee data is our top priority. We encrypt all communication to industry standards.

“The 1-on-1s functionality has replaced a half dozen Google Docs I had been maintaining for meetings with my reports. It makes it easy to track follow-up action items that come out of the meetings and helps me consolidate them all into one place.”

– a people manager at Streamsets

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