The most effective practices that support employees and improve morale.

When people become overly-stressed, their work will suffer, they will disengage, and your turnover rate could go through the roof. 

As a manager, it your job to hire people of good character and to create a space where they can feel confident in how they show up and perform their work.

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Morale is key to unlocking employee engagement, loyalty, and stemming turnover at your company. Unless you have extremely proactive folks working for you, no one is going to address employee morale for you. 

Higher morale leads to more employee engagement, which has been shown to have these impacts on business outcomes: 

  • According to Gallup, businesses with highly engaged teams experience a 20% lift in productivity.
  • According to the Workforce Institute on Absenteeism, businesses saw a drop in absenteeism (unearned PTO) by 41%.
  • On average, highly engaged teams will experience a 40% improvement in turnover. This improvement can vary from 24% in high-turnover organizations to 59% in low-turnover organizations. More details can be found in the Gallup Q12 Meta-Analysis Report.

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