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Say goodbye to the standard performance review. A better, more meaningful assessment has arrived.

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Unlike typical reviews, Best-Self Review®’s research-backed approach focuses on strengths development and career growth, giving a complete, in-depth picture of employee performance.

360 reviews, rooted in science

Self, Manager, Peer, and Upward reviews drive meaningful, strengths-based career conversations on a quarterly or semi-annual basis

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Positive leadership, emboldened

Our assessments give managers the frameworks and tools they need to lead effectively, maintain high-performing teams, and see their employees self actualize.

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Clearly gauge performance

The Competency Assessment, along with the Private Manager Assessment, gives a holistic view of the skills and behaviors that drive individual performance.

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A review that rises above the rest.

Standard Annual Reviews
An outdated, inflexible assessment that measures performance only and often does more harm than good.
15Five’s Best-Self Review®
A strengths-based, growth-oriented conversation, backed by research and designed to inspire high performance.

Transform the way you review

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