Say goodbye to the annual performance review

And say hello to your employees becoming the best version of themselves. The Best-Self Review is a research-driven 360° performance management practice, where managers focus on forward growth and performance for each individual.

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Hassle-free OKR tracking

Integrate objectives into your weekly check-ins. Set up and view objectives, update progress, and post comments in real-time — creating one experience for your people, and less spreadsheets and emails for you to manage.

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15Five performance management software company-wide objectives screen

Make the most of your one on one meetings

A simple way to plan and execute quick, effective one on one meetings with every employee on your team.

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Get visibility into the things that matter most

Whether your team is in the next room or spread across the world, you’ll always be in the loop (and important issues won’t be lost in your Inbox).

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Steer the conversation

Create a culture of feedback using 15Five’s powerful question management. With dozens of curated questions, you can direct everyone’s attention to the high priority topics each week.

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15Five performance management software question management

Celebrate the big and little wins

Employees can simply and quickly @mention a colleague and share why that person earned their praise over the past week. Boost morale and spot hidden rockstars in your organization with the High Fives Dashboard.

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for iPhone and Android is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.


15Five performance management software High-Fives screen

“There are so many nice, easy ways to recognize somebody in 15Five. I can ‘like’ one of their posts, comment, or share a story with my boss. It’s a great way to make sure I’m giving enough recognition without a lot of extra work.”

sarah-bellamy-mailchimp Sarah Bellamy | Director of Support Operations mailchimp Watch the video

Give your managers the tools to be wildly successful

  • Resolve issues before they become big problems.
  • Never miss another great idea from people closest to the action.
  • Quit wasting time in your 1:1s.

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performance management software tools for successful managers

Engage with your team and turn feedback into action

  • Acknowledge great points with a like.
  • Quickly loop in the right people.
  • Pass up the most critical issues and valuable ideas with a single click.
  • Engage in important dialogue to dive deeper and remove roadblocks.
  • Flag important issues to follow up later.

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performance management software to turn feedback into action

“What I love about 15Five is that it’s designed to follow how a core business process, performance management, works in real life and reflects how managers and employees actually engage in this process.”

Paul Whitney | Chief People Officer

Why Works

Creates open and regular communication

Communicating on a regular basis builds trust, which translates to higher performance and increased loyalty.

Inspires people through questions

Drive innovative thinking by asking questions, and spark insights through meaningful dialogue.

Gives everyone a voice

When people feel heard and know that their input matters, they feel greater ownership in the success of the company.

People feel safer

Without the pressure of face-to-face meetings, employees are naturally emboldened to share openly and authentically.

Encourages everyone to reflect

When people look back on their successes, they experience a great sense of progress, morale and performance.

15Five performance management software employee engagement features


Elegantly simple yet powerful features designed to help you bring out the best in your people.

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Best-Self Review

Forward-looking 360° performance reviews that focus on employee development.


HRIS Integration

Integrate directly with BambooHR & Namely to keep your employee systems updated.

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Hold more effective 1-on-1s with everyone on your team.

Question Bank

Access curated questions from 15Five customers and inspiring leaders.

Pulse Check

Know how your people are feeling week over week.

High Fives

Celebrate your peers, and share the love on the High Five Dashboard.

Custom Reports

Slice and dice your 15Five data to see answers to any question over time.

Metrics & Trends

Ask quantitative questions and see the data over time on the Trends Dashboard.

One-time Polls

Ask your team or company one-time questions and view the results on the Polls Dashboard.

Objectives (OKRs)

Align around OKRs and keep everyone focused on the highest leverage activities.

Single Sign-on

Simplify your team’s user management and access.

Slack Integration

Push anything from 15Five into a dedicated Slack channel.

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