Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Guiding Principles

Principles are beliefs about how the world works and how to best operate in it to achieve results. They serve to link our values to our actions. Here are some of the principles we rely on to guide us:

<p>Great Outcomes Require Focus: Following the 80/20 Rule</p>

Great Outcomes Require Focus: Following the 80/20 Rule

We believe that there are a finite number of high-leverage activities that drive any given endeavor or goal, but the vast majority of people’s daily activities are often less effective than they could be. So we adhere to the 80/20 rule, choosing to believe that 80% of our results come from just 20% of our actions. We think of our goals like empty buckets, and we consciously choose to work on lifting a few Big Rocks into each bucket to produce the greatest results. We choose to sacrifice the good for the great by scheduling time for our Big Rocks first and then letting the small pebbles fill in the gaps. By focusing in this way, we eliminate the distractions of low-leverage work.

<p>Constraints Drive<br /> Creativity</p>

Constraints Drive Creativity

We believe that fixed constraints of time, energy, and money, combined with a commitment to produce specific meaningful outcomes can be a source of tremendous creativity. The more creative we are, the less hard we have to work, and the more time, energy and money we have to allocate to other important outcomes. This ultimately gives us significant leverage on our resources, helping us produce a very high ROI.

<p>Life Is Oscillatory<br /> and Rhythmic</p>

Life Is Oscillatory and Rhythmic

We recognize that most everything in our universe, including we human beings, is oscillating and rhythmic; from light and sound waves, to our heart beat and the seasons, everything in nature follows this basic principle. By aligning our activities with our natural rhythms we can be much more productive, energized and healthy. This includes respecting and working with the ebb and flow between planning and execution, reflecting and pushing, and alternating periods of focus and rest. We do this in quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily cycles, individually and as an organization.

<p>To Reach Your Potential,<br /> You Must Start With Why</p>

To Reach Your Potential, You Must Start With Why

We believe that for any individual or organization to truly reach it’s potential, they must know, start with, and live their WHY. Far more than an objective to be reached, this core purpose or reason for being defines more the journey than the destination, and is never-ending. Once discovered and embraced, the WHY lives at the core of everything you and your organization will do. At it’s best, it serves as an inspiration for every individual who shares that WHY, shapes all of your goals, strategies, tactics and everyday actions, and is in service to something or someone beyond yourself (e.g. other people, organizations or the environment).

<p>Everyone Has<br /> a Zone of Genius</p>

Everyone Has a Zone of Genius

We believe that everyone has a Zone of Genius, a unique quality that they’re able to bring to their work and their lives that lets them do certain things better than almost anyone else. Often times this is at the intersection of your innate talents and passions and is often difficult to distinguish in yourself as unique or special because it comes so naturally. You know you’re in your Zone of Genius when the work leaves you energized, you can and want to improve forever, and you experience a sense of timelessness and flow. Operating in your Zone of Genius in service of your WHY is a surefire way to produce the best results and attain the highest degree of sustained satisfaction in your life.

<p>Teams Thrive in a Culture of Transparency,<br /> Vulnerability and Authenticity</p>

Teams Thrive in a Culture of Transparency, Vulnerability and Authenticity

We believe that teams can perform at a higher level if they embrace transparency, vulnerability and authenticity. For this to be possible, there has to be a high degree of trust and a commitment to focus on solutions and teamwork, rather than a commitment to assigning fault and blame.

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