Integrated Philanthropy

We believe that business can serve as a vehicle for improving the world, doing well while doing good. At 15Five, we are on a mission to create a world where we all work in organizations that are fully actualized, that create extraordinary value for their employees and customers, and where we all get to work alongside a vibrant group of colleagues who are committed to creating and living a great life. While that primarily drives us in improving the lives of our customers and their businesses, we wanted to take things a step further.

Inspired by the Salesforce 1/1/1 model, we allocated 1% of our founding stock to be held in escrow for a future foundation. We pledge 1% of our employees time to volunteering for causes we support, and 1% of 15Five licenses to be donated to non-profits we love and support.

In honor of Yvon Chouinard who first popularized the communication practice behind 15Five, we have pledged to donate 1% of our product sales to causes that support the environment as part of 1% for the Planet Foundation, co-founded by Yvon. We have donated to charity:water, Coral Reef Alliance and Pachamama Alliance, and look forward to contributing much more to other organizations who are committed to improving this world for all of its inhabitants.

1% for the planet memeber

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