15Five Is On A Mission To Bring Out The Best In People At Work

Core Beliefs

We believe that in today’s global, knowledge-based economy, a company’s true power lies in its people and culture.

We believe that to be exceptional, companies have to inspire and elicit the best from their employees intellectually, creatively, and passionately.

We believe that happy employees are more engaged, creative, and productive.

We believe that everyone’s voice matters.

We believe that people are at their best, most happy and have the greatest opportunity to reach their potential when they are in an environment that supports and values working with their unique strengths, as part of a higher cause or purpose, and where they feel they have a voice.

We believe that employees who are closest to the action are the eyes and ears of the organization; that the command-and-control structure that was effective during the industrial revolution is no longer competitive; and that companies now need to listen to their employees as much as they direct.

We believe that to be competitive in today’s environment, a company needs an efficient communication channel that acts much like a nervous system, sending and filtering key information from the front lines to managers, executives and the CEO, and being then able to respond quickly.

We believe in the 80/20 rule (80% of the outcomes result from 20% of the drivers); that more communication is not necessarily better, and that what’s actually important to communicate doesn’t take much time at all.

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