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Why Personal Growth is Your #1 Retention Strategy for 2018



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In this webinar, we chat with Dr. Hall about: 

- What millennial employees really want from your company

- How to help your employees find their growth edge

- The real cause of burnout and how to prevent it

Duration: 60 minutes



Co-founder and Chief Culture Officer at 15Five. Executive coach focused on building high performing teams and thriving companies.

Dr. Shannon Hall is a tech sociologist and the founder of Generation Team, a consulting firm that helps today's fast growing companies improve their performance, engagement, and growth through team leadership development.

Chapter List

  1. Generation Team + 15Five Intro (00:00)
  2. Find your Growth Edge (07:47)
  3. Coaching for growth (18:28)
  4. Leveraging personal growth for retention (28:17)
  5. Audience Q&A (33:00)

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