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Getting the Most From Your Managers: Announcing 15Five’s Expanded Transform Curriculum & Custom Learning Journeys

For HR leaders facing limited resources and economic uncertainty, upskilling and coaching Managers is among the top 5 priorities in 2023 according to SHRM and the #1 priority according to Gartner.

We hear it directly from our customers too. On-demand coaching and training from 15Five is an easy, cost-effective way to equip your leaders with the skills and behaviors they need to thrive in 2023. Skills like maximizing the performance of a lean team or identifying and retaining HiPo talent.

Come learn how you can do more with less by getting the most out of your existing managers and employees with the brand new enhancements coming to 15Five’s manager training and coaching product.

You Will Learn:

  • Why upskilling and coaching is top of mind for HR in 2023
  • What managers want out of training, not just HR
  • Key areas where managers are lacking in training and how 15Five can help HR prioritize the right upskilling
  • All about the data and tools to support greater investment in managers to increase performance and engagement
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