Make it easier to create, track, and focus on organizational goals and objectives

15Five is your complete employee performance management and team motivation solution. By rooting your tracking and managing methods in the Management by Objectives (MBO) goal-setting process, you can create and track individual, department, and company-wide organizational goals and objectives. Our MBO software is an essential tool for advancing employee development and achieving company goals through a more structured and focused approach.

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Adopt an MBO mindset

The MBO software inside the 15Five dashboard encourages a continuous workflow for employees. While completing their 15Five report, individuals can then quickly determine the status of organizational goals and objectives. Each week, they report on MBO goals (on track, at risk, or behind), and can regularly update their progress with your company’s specific management by objectives process.

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“15Five allows me to remain confident in my team’s performance without constant wondering and follow-up. I’m now able to be an active manager, without becoming over-active.”

Mike_lh Mike Faith | CEO

Management by objectives holds employees accountable

The MBO process is fully transparent and lets everyone in the organization know how their collective efforts propel the company forward. When individual employees are aware of how the team is performing and achieving MBO goals, they can then work together more effectively. Therefore, achieving team-wide organizational goals and objectives has never been easier.

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Customize how you analyze and distribute MBO data

Your 15Five report and the information regarding your MBO process shouldn’t live in an isolated environment. Use the Custom Reports feature as a means of tracking the progress of management by objectives, to fully customize  and export analytics on MBOs. Detailed insights include which employee owns each MBO goal, the time designated for achieving the objective, status updates, and any relevant feedback from managers throughout your company’s specific MBO process.

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