We’ve included advice from People and Culture expert Colleen McCreary. As Chief People Officer at Credit Karma, she has revolutionized the multi-billion-dollar startup’s approach to everything from employee feedback to compensation plans. Learn how Colleen chose a performance management solution to support a rapidly expanding talent pool, and her method for gaining adoption from top company leaders.

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Colleen McCreary
VP of People & Culture

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What's inside?

Learn best practices for choosing performance management software and advice for getting everyone at your company excited for this critical piece of HR Tech: 

  • How to identify HR pain points

  • A list of sample questions for your Needs Assessment

  • Conducting your due diligence

  • A framework to analyze HR solution options

  • Six steps to gain executive buy-in

HR Buyer's Guide To Continuous Performance Management Software



Secure the all-important “Yes” to your recommended direction and budget, and also cement leadership’s confidence in your strategy. This creates ambassadors at the highest levels who will serve as role models for the rest of the company. So, how do you do this? Keep these points in mind when building your game plan...

#5 Social proof: Share the success stories from businesses operating at similar sizes or in similar ways who have used the product your are pitching to the C-suite. This can create a sense of FOMO—fear of missing out—as well as reassurance that it works. In other words, “If it’s good enough for that Fortune 500, it’s good enough for us”.