How to Improve Employee Engagement

15Five’s platform is designed to create a more engaged and motiveated team by giving your employees a voice

“Study after study confirms that development is the single most powerful tool managers have for driving engagement, retention, productivity, and results.”

– Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go,

by Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle Giulloni

The 2014 Employee Engagement Gallup Poll reports that engagement is still hovering around 30%, and is even worse for millennials. The younger generations are less-than-enthused at the workplace. One explanation could be that when people are given tasks that do not tap into their talents and strengths, that increases the likelihood that they will continue to be disengaged. So how can managers improve employee performance and engagement?

They can start by building transparent relationships with their employees, listening to them, discovering their personal and professional goals, and helped them to become their greatest selves.

People of all ages can be guided, coached and mentored into being more engaged at work, but the focus cannot be on engagement. The focus has to be on the person’s holistic well-being.

Scientific evidence over the last decade in the field of Neuroplasticity shows that our brains are built for change. No matter our age, we can create new neural pathways and weaken old ones.

Changes in behavior, environment, intellectual stimulation, physical activity, and emotional stability all play a role in these transformations that improve employee performance at work. The best managers facilitate these shifts with repeated and directed attention towards the growth that they want to see in their employees.

15Five helps managers ask the right questions in just minutes each week. They can engage with employees in profound ways, including genuinely supporting them in their personal goals outside of work. The ongoing conversation about what they do and who they are becoming will begin the shift to a more engaged, more productive, and happier workforce.

Some managers come from the world where fear-tactics and Intimidation are used to improve employee behaviors. That style doesn’t solicit authentic accountability, and any sense of responsibility born of fear won’t last long. Sure, people will get their work done, but it isn’t self-motivated. They’ll only perform to the point where they won’t incur a manager’s anger.

In truth, no one ever wants to resort to punitive measures for poor performance. The fear of embarrassment or termination is the worst type of motivation and can often stifle the creativity you need from employees. Fear can motivate, but it will never inspire.

Entrepreneurs looking to gain trust should consider how they communicate with employees. Trust is at the missing component that resides at the epicenter of accountability. Asking the right questions with 15Five helps managers establish trust with their teams. It leads to self-motivated individual engagement. When managers invite employees to communicate their big wins, their innovative ideas and the places where they’re stuck, engagement and accountability naturally emerges.

Once employees trust their managers, they will feel safe to share where they are stuck and even ask for help. The level of challenge varies between team members, so managers must be aware of where employee’s get stuck and offer them support. Too much overwhelm easily leads to disengagement, so discover the sweet spot where your team can rise to the occasion without feeling anxiety.

If asking for help is met with disdain, employees will just keep working through the frustration, and their performance and satisfaction will suffer. Be available to lend a hand so that employees can obtain results that respond to organizational need and feel personally fulfilling.

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