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Shane Metcalf is cofounder and Chief Culture Officer at 15Five. He has spent his professional career studying organizational and human development and the power of asking the right question. He has helped shape the 15Five culture from the ground up and created many of the rituals that keep the team connected. Since many of those rituals involve asking questions, Shane is known to the team as, The Question Master.



In the Great eBook of Employee Questions, Part 2, you will find expert questions to meet these management and business objectives: 

1. Taking the Pulse

2. Let's Build a Culture

3. Goals & Objectives

4. Keep Morale High

5. Focus on the Business

6. Learning & Growing

7. Getting Sh*t Done

8. Customer Delight

9. Improving Your Management Chops

10. Cross-Team Collaboration

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What's inside?

The original Great eBook of Employee Questions was so popular that we created this outstanding sequel. In The Return of the Question Master, you’ll find over 60 new questions along with detailed information about why they are valuable and when they should be asked.

The seed of question mastery is within us all, but it must be nurtured like any other skill. We hope that by asking these powerful questions you will receive insightful answers to help you and your team gain a better understanding of yourselves, your culture, and the product or service you are bringing into the world. 


60 New Powerful Questions to Unlock Your Team's Potential




Are you good with this? 

"I don't ask wooden, overly detailed, micro-managerial questions. I'm just checking in, taking their pulse, and it also means if there is any problem at all — they don't understand a direction or aren't on board with an approach — they'll tell me."

- Meghan M. Biro
HR/Tech Evangelist & CEO at TalentCulture

What are you hearing that people are afraid to talk about? 

"Usually, there’s a lot of gossip/chatter that goes on between teams and individuals, and I want to know the real deal. You can't ask this question unless you've already established trust with your team, but if you get there, you will find out an immense amount of information."

- Colleen McCreary
VP of People & Culture at Credit Karma