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Calculate how much your disengaged employees are costing your company each year.

The #1 topic on the minds of CEOs and HR leaders is 'culture and engagement,' according to Deloitte's 2015 Global Human Capital Report.

We've created an easy to use Employee Engagement ROI Worksheet, designed to help you quantify what a fully engaged team can do for your business. 

The worksheet will show you the lift in business outcomes that include: 

  • 41% drop in absenteeism
  • 20% lift in productivity
  • 40% improvement in employee turnover

"Feedback from 15Five allows us to iterate faster without having to wait. It's a way to leverage my time and everyone who works with me, to bring up issues that may otherwise never have been discussed."

Luke Frye

Accounting Manager

The Employee Engagement ROI Calculator (Worksheet)

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